Buena Vista Whitewater Park Upgraded

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BV’s new lower hole at the South Main River Park. New ramp and hang out zone is ready for warmer days.
So we have waited a long time here in Buena Vista Colorado for our shot at having a killer play park for locals and tourists to enjoy. Well the time has come. As of October, BV now has 3 features to choose from with a fourth in the works for spring 2007.
It started 5 years ago with the upper “Uptown Hole” It was created on a shoe string budget by a group of dedicated paddlers and volunteers. This hole is super dynamic and keeps you on your toes, but is also very safe and deep. The pros go huge here and the mere mortals hold on in between moves. Tubers get rocked and fishermen slay it. Plus the locals and tourists gape all day and love the scenery and refreshing dips. It is a very cool spot to hang out
The new Midtown WaveThe lower or “Downtown Hole” was built last spring but had some challenges at higher water. It was completely redone in September and is now great. The recovery zone has been doubled in size and it has been re engineered for better hydraulic performance. It will be awesome and is already a great low water spot for easy surfs and spins.

The new “Midtown Hole” is the friendliest of the 3. It is right at the bottom of a staircase with a beautiful view once you reach the water. You can surf it all day and do low angle cartwheels at 200 cfs. Time will tell how this sucker shapes up, but it looks promising and will give aspiring kayaks a great tool to improve skills.

Uptown Hole
With 3 complete features and one more on the way, Buena Vista is destined to keep paddlers in town a little longer on every visit. Salida paddlers will also be excited for BV’s success. Those double digits line ups at 9 am every day may be relieved and campers at the Salida boat ramp will be watching paddlers head north to the even more improved “Promise Land.”

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