Joe sez Happy Veterans Day!

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Happy Veterans Day.
It’s definitely a bit slow in good ‘ole Buena Vista, CO this time of year. While we are anxiously awaiting the opening of Monarch Mountain, our local ski area, we have still been getting on the river. Last week we were able to get in a cold weather run on Bailey (scouting in 6in of snow) as well as the Upper Taos box in full sun.

While shooting some product pics of a used Rec. boat, Joe Carroll took the opportunity to give respect to our men and women in uniform.

Joe is also showing off his hand knit beanie from Huck Ze Gnar clothing. His special, handknit message says ‘Gnar Dog’. For sure……..

Photos & Words: Chris Menges.

2 thoughts on “Joe sez Happy Veterans Day!

  1. Anonymous

    Get back to work

  2. Bateman

    I’m still waiting for my estiamte on a kevlar cockpit cover for my Prijon Gambler. WTF Joe ?!??!?

    Mitch Bateman

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