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Not much to say and not much time to say it in, but thought I would put up a quick update. Its been quite wet up here in the NW as of lately. After a beautiful and sunny October, November came in with the beautiful high pressure and some of the driest air on record in Seattle. This only lasted for about two days, as right behind the dry air was a string of rainmakers. For a few more kayaking focused updates on the local flooding check out THIS SITE and THIS ONE TOO.. Also, go HERE.

And to leave you with a few stats:
Seattle has already set a record for most rainfall in Nov. – 11.63 inches.
Which means we are going for the rainiest month ever – current record: 15.33 inches.
And odds are good, since the last two weeks of Nov. are typically the stormiest weeks of the year up here. Should be fun 🙂

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