Whitewater WHERE?!?!

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This is a little intro to team CKS member Brock Royer and whitewater paddle in the Great Lakes area. You can see more of Brock, Great Lakes whitewater and CKS gear being used to the extreme on the lastest issue of LVM #21. Enjoy

~~~~So my good buddy Joe C.~~~~ came back to the flatlands on a break from his job at CKS to do a little paddling with me on our local and home runs. These runs are definitely ‘not’ the goods when it comes to great lakes whitewater never the less it does show a taste of whitewater here in Illinois. Yes, I said Illinois (ill-an-annoyed).
So the main attraction is the Vermillion River. It runs often and has a bunch of great spots for beginners and people who like to throw down.
(Roy Crimmons getting some open boat action in Wildcat)
Photo: Brock Royer
Wildcat offers up fun powerful surfs and changes from a rodeo hole to sweet wave with the water levels. Just downstream from Wildcat is a tributary to the Verm called Bailey Creek. It has some fun little drops including this 30ft. slide. It looks ugly in person b/c it lands on rock with little rooster tails and pin spots everywhere. At high water this thing can get really gnarly! The drop boats much better than it looks though.
(Brock Gettin-R-Done on Bailey Falls)
Photo: Roy Crimmons
The Little Vermillion is next on the list and is a small creek which dumps into the the Illiois River opposite side of it big brother. It runs a little less frequently but has a nice little canyon section that Joe and I hit up after he talked me into playing hooky from work.
(Joe C. on the Little V)
Photo: Brock Royer

All and all we can’t complain for the little gems that we have nearby. Once the Superior Creeks start running it is a creek boaters paradise!!! For just a little taste of the action check out this pic and link:

(Joerg Steinbach on Rainbow Falls)

Check back to the CKS Blog for more updates on the regions, info on the latest/greatest gear and the much anticipated grand release of Wavedog Paddles!

3 thoughts on “Whitewater WHERE?!?!

  1. Anonymous

    Sweet post. I would love to see more from the Great Lakes area! I here there are great creeks there. keep it up.
    Nick from OR

  2. MW

    Representing the Midwest. I remember this summer I walked into CKS and told one of the workers I was from Missouri and He asked if I boated the Saint, I am guessing that was you. Speaking of the Saint, it has had some high flows lately bringing out some good play waves.

  3. Anonymous

    When is CKS going to carry the Wavedog Paddles? I saw one in the TN last weekend and they look kick ass. by the way how far from TN are some of those sic looking creek runs? i like to take a trip to CA each year and think this might replace that trip once. check you later

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