2007 Rocker Review

Trip Reports
(unwrapping my new Rocker in Costa Rica. photo by Brad Sutton)

Several Weeks ago I picked up my new 2007 Rocker and drove it back to Memphis just in time to fly with it to Costa Rica! Meeting up with team members Ben Stookesberry, Brad Sutton, and Mario Vargas I got to put the Rocker through some serious testing in a lot of different situations. Here’s what I’ve found:

My Stats:
height: 5’8″
weight: 150 lbs
feet: size 8.5
waist: 29″
inseam: 30″

When I hopped into the first 07 production Rocker, I found fitting in instantly easier than years before. This is something I didn’t think would be possible. The new elastic cord holds the footbraces in place great! so cutting down the footbraces is no longer a science. It’s quick and easy and the foam won’t fall out. This made the footbrace outfitting super easy to setup. In the 2006 Rocker I used 10 shims to even feel like I had hip pads… this made keeping the shims together, even when glued, a bit of a problem. So for 2007 the hip pads come with a pocket for holding shims. I was a bit skeptical about them because I didn’t think I would be able to fit enough shims into each pocket to fit. I was wrong. The shims fit in great, I only needed 6, and the hip pads felt a lot more stable. The newly redesigned backband feels a bit more comfortable… I was particularly impressed with the use of the O- rings instead of small biners. The O- rings allow a lot more force to be safety applied to the backband… not to mention, WAY more wear & tear resistant.

(putting the 2007 Rocker through some serious testing. photo by Brad Sutton)
River Running Performance:
My first day in Costa Rica using the Rocker was in the upper gorge of the Pozo Azul. I immediately noticed that the new Rocker floats WAY higher and will go over just about anything. It boofs like a charm but is easy to control… not an easy combination. The first couple of rapids were pretty technical boulder gardens and the Rocker worked like a charm. The first waterfall we came to posed an interesting challenge. It was high enough that boofing may have hurt a bit, but a shallow rock blocked the lip. Two rock shelves converged onto the line and defined where we had to make it off the lip. So We decided to drive fast over the shallow rock for a boof and drop over the lip into a soft vertical landing. Normally, I would have been concerned about making it over the rock at the lip… I think most boats would have bottomed out on it, but the rocker floated over it so well that I didn’t loose any speed going off the lip… I didn’t even notice that rock shelf! Trying to compensate for my extra speed, I pitched a bit off the lip… but found the Rocker super easy to correct in mid-freefall. I simply tucked a little faster, bring the bow back up and tucked with a perfect pencil. The entry was smooth and the transition was smoother. I scooped out nicely underwater into forward speed and a GREAT, upright resurface. The resurfacing capabilities of the Rocker are AMAZING! All that just to say: The waterfalls capabilties of the Rocker have definitely improved! This boat is a waterfall machine! Hole punching was a breeze. When the Rio Patria juiced up with an extra 2 feet of water from overnight rains, the holes beefed up to say the least. A few times I found myself wondering if I could make the gap across the hole, but I found that the new Rocker just keeps going…straight through. It went over and under holes with ease, fully loaded down with 3 nights of expediiton gear. and when all else failed or all hell broke loose, it punched through HUGE holes and boils and seams without being thrown off line.

Big Water Performance:
Typically, a full on creeker isn’t what you want in a big water environment. Playboats and other lower volume boats are nice for slicing under holes that are too big to boof over or punch through… going deep is many times a good thing. At first thought, the high volume Rocker wouldn’t seem to handle stout flows very well. But after heavy rains on the Rio Patria brought the river up an extra 2 feet I got to put the Rocker through it’s paces again, fully loaded with expedition gear and camra stuff, in a tight, technical, FULL-on environment where the moves really mattered and the water was really BIG. Amazingly enough, the Rocker handled it great, staying on line through huge holes and tremendous boils while floating right over everything that would normally throw a boat off line. Occasionally I found myself with momentum in the wrong direction where fast correction was needed to avoid a bad boulder choke or huge sieve. With the stakes set high in a must make environment, the Rocker adjusted pretty quickly with it’s own momentum and I had no problems changing or correcting my line. When the already high volume of the Rio Patria finally met with the big flowin’ Rio Sucio, the tight big water creeking gave way to BIG waves and munchy holes, just high volume, wide open big water. The Rocker handled the waves and holes great, punching through hole after hole with little notice… But the downstream speed of the Rocker didn’t prevent it from being maneuverable, it still handled with ease. At times, HUGE boulders were just too close together or large holes were just too stacked and melting a steep, turbulent seam was the only way through the chaotic, chundering water. The Rocker stayed incredibly stable in those seams, maintaining it’s forward speed like it didn’t even notice. This was a very pleasant suprise. A few times for sure I thought I was about to get worked like you wouldn’t believe, but instead I barely took a stroke and didn’t get my head wet, and this was with a fully loaded boat!

Expedition Performance:
The backband drops down with ease and no matter how tired I was from the day, getting out my gear was never a problem! I simply popped down the backband and pulled whatever I needed out of the stern. Loading my stern was just as easy! The bow is super accessible now, with the hinged footbraces allowing easy reach for your sandles or other gear. The Rocker is actually very light for a creeker so when it was loaded down with my overnight gear, rescue kit, and camra, it was very managable on hikes and portages… except when I couldn’t even carry myself, but that wasn’t the Rocker’s fault 😉 When fully loaded, the Rocker floated me high and paddled just as well as it did without the gear. It tracked well with great forward momentum, but turned just as well for fast corrections in tricky spots where timing and details mattered. On my trip to Costa Rica, I was on two multi-day trips in a row, 3 days each with only one night inbetween….all class V and better. Those two trips lead me through tight, bouldery rapids similar to Upper Big Creek in NC, a locked in canyon with class V and V+ rapids stacked one after the other with little escape, through the shallow manky section of the upper part of the Rio Patria, and through the BIG water brawl of the post-rain lower Patria and Sucio. What I found was that no matter what environment I was in, the Rocker pulled me through and outperformed any boat I have ever paddled, even while fully loaded. It was nice to focus on the rapids and adventure without having to worry about the boat.

The Rio Patria gave me the opportunity to fully test the piton system. With rock flakes hidden behind waves and holes, sudden impacts were almost impossible to avoid. The good news is that my body never had to deal with the blow. The footbracing is the best I’ve tried at absorbing shock, preventing the ankle injuries common to kayakers. The outfitting is solid so you never have to worry about it failing at a bad time. The cockpit is large and the Rocker is stable so exiting with one or no hands free was never a problem. Most importantly, the Rocker is super easy to roll even in crazy boils and big water while fully loaded down with expedition gear.

I absolutely love this boat and stand behind it 300% as a high quality full on Creeker. I knew the new Rocker would be good throughout the design process, but it took this trip to show me how good it really is. I think Jackson Kayak has finally come through on a FULL-on HIGH quality creeker for the mid-sized paddler. Jackson Kayak has truly gone above and beyond on this one. This boat is going to rock the season!

Boyd 🙂

88 thoughts on “2007 Rocker Review

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, A guy that works for Jackson posting a great review of their boat. What a suprise! Come on CKS, quit with the biased reviews and delete this. Maybe dude should also say he works for them.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    i agree, Boyd fuckin a

  4. Anonymous

    come on!

    its Boyds own opinion, and rightfully (maybe not necessarily) he is expressing it.

    He might have felt the pressure to say something nice about the product of “his” company, after a well-know paddling magazin picked the new Wavesport Habitat as their top choice. 🙂 go figure…

    Now, instead of wasting your words and negative energy here guys, SMARTEN UP!!, realise that EVERY review is just an expression of someones own opinion about the product they are reviewing and you will usually never know WHY they favour this or that product. In Boyds case, its easy but theirbye fair.

    all you can do is build your own opinion, so go out and test all these diffenernt boats out there.

    which you can do at the dealer who is hosting this blog…

    you, Boyd: smarten up too, do not pretend to write impartial. does the word “succind” ring a bell??

    b.smart, have fun and respect each other.-tgs

  5. Anonymous

    i don’t work for jackson, but i demoed the new rocker a week ago, and i can’t really take issue with anything he wrote here (i didn’t load it up for expedition, so i can’t comment on that).

    if you like that boat, chances are you’ll LOVE that boat.

  6. Anonymous

    yuck! i would love to see a little more sincerity when it comes to how these industry guys operate. this guy boyd isn’t the only one who goes way overboard with the promotion. hobie is the same way and many others too. they gush and gush about how great every single aspect of every single one of their companies designs is. its so transparent and annoying. its the same thing every year too which means that every year, if you believe what these guys say, the boat designs should be so much better than the year before. but they aren’t. i just disregard boat reviews all together and stick to the try before you buy method.

  7. Boyd Ruppelt

    Funny how you question my sincerity but you don’t post with your name. Have you tried the Rocker out yourself? on a creek? I haven’t met a single person yet who has genuinely tried out the rocker and hasn’t loved it… or wouldn’t agree with my review.

    Yes, I had a hand in the design process. But I meant every word in the review. Didn’t like my review? You should try the boat out and write your own review, but I bet it would be bias seeing how it’ll be your opinion and all. Funny how that works! 😉

    Remember, I chose Jackson Kayak, EJ didn’t come chase me down while I paddled for Bliss-Stick. I chased him down! I chose to paddle Jackson Kayaks because I love the designs, the people, and the sincerity of the company above all others. I promote Jackson because I genuinly love the boats…not because I have to.

    I may be bias, but at least I’m sincere!

    Boyd 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    you need to chill out man. no one cares.

  9. Anonymous

    I you dont care, why are you reading this at all ??? Jacksons new line IS off the hook, having paddled a few of the new models myself. Honestly, didn’t like last years boats AT ALL. Improvements have definetly been make….needless to say, i have always been a Wavesport guy, after demoing some of the new JK’s, the project is sold and my new allstar is on its way! There’s my 2-cents from an average paddler, not sponsored or employed by JK, and just getting on the river as much as possible!

  10. Anonymous

    Please don’t hate so much. It’s just kayaking. Instead of writing angry comments about a review you don’t like, go paddling…it’ll be fun.


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