AT Eddy White Water Paddle


The Eddy is the newest whitewater paddle from AT. It’s basically a Red AT3 Edge with a Carbon/Kevlar weave shaft(see photo below). The main appeal of this paddle is it’s durability, semi-buoyant blades and price point. It has many of the features that the AT 2 series has, but costs $100 less. It’s also more durable than higher end foam core paddles on the market.

The Specs:

~Sizes: 191, 194, 196, 199cm
~Blade offset: 30-degree (any degree offset is available through custom order)
~Weight: 42oz
~Materials used:Carbon & Kevlar braided shaft
~Dynell trim on blade edges won’t wear down
~Slightly buoyant PVC core blade
~FCG – AT’s ergonomic signature hand grips for wrist positioning & optimal comfort


  • This is one of the most bomber paddles on the market. Because of the Carbon/Kevlar shaft and Dynell edge trim, the Eddy makes a great paddle for creek boating, especially where where there is a lot of shallow water and jagged rock.
  • The Eddy is also a great choice for beginning paddlers who want to start out using a high end paddle, to maximize their learning curve. The downside to learning to kayak with a foam core Werner or AT is that they can show signs of wear rather quickly if they are not taken care of properly. An example of this is learning to roll. If you miss your roll in shallow water, and push off of the river bed with the paddle to right yourself, there is a chance that the blade will take a beating. The AT Eddy will do a better job at not breaking under these conditions.
  • The semi-buoyant blades float better than thin carbon and fiberglass glass ones. The Eddy does not have the same buoyancy as full foam core blades like the AT2 and Werner Foam Cores, but it also cost over $100 less.
  • Buoyancy helps paddlers by making it easier for the blades to float to the surface of the water in holes and turbulent whitewater. It also aids rolling by bringing the paddle to the surface quicker and easier. This is a great feature for beginners!

The Verdict:

The AT Eddy is a great value for the money. It is very durable, has great blades (same as the AT 2 but not foam core/carbon) and a very reasonable price. It is a great choice for paddlers of all ability levels. Beginners and intermediates will appreciate the durability and “AT proven” design. Advanced paddlers can beat the Eddy down on their favorite slides or low volume creek runs.

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