Atom Crawford Reviews The Shred Ready T Dub


Shred Ready T Dub review by Atom Crawford

The SR TDUB is one heck of a cool looking helmet. I originally bought this helmet based on style alone. I figured if some of the worlds best “heavy hitters” were wearing it, then it had to be for me. The TDub crew (Daniel DeLaVergne, Tommy Hilike, Pat Keller & John Grace) wanted more coverage for the Shaggy, so the TDUB was born. The TDUB added 3/4in around the edge to the Shaggy helmet for added protection and coverage. The TDUB combined stylish looks with superior coverage. As I modeled the helmet in my bathroom mirror, I instantly felt connected to the TDUB crew. I then suddenly realized that pat Keller wasn’t even born when I first started kayaking. Regardless, the helmet fit great, provided awesome coverage and made me feel a little bit younger.

The T Dub crew at the Stikine


  • Fiberglass and Shredlar (armid fiber) impregnated with marine vinylester resins.
  • Certified CE 1385 international standard for headgear for whitewater sports.
  • Multi-Impact VN foam liner laminated to closed-cell comfort foam.
  • H.O.G Lock Retention System – fits behind nape of neck for secure custom fit.
  • Interchangeable compression molded closed-cell foam fitting pads with super plush material that hooks to liner.
  • Removable compression molded ear flaps.
  • Soft nylon webbing.
  • Stainless steel rivets and burrs to stop the corrosion.
  • Duraflex fasteners, adjusters, and stops.
  • Four-point retention system that allows the helmet to be worn forwards or backwards.

Class V eddy catching at it’s finest.


  • Fits a wide variety of noggins
  • Great coverage and looks awesome
  • Makes fellow kayakers think that you know what your doing
  • Shred ready has awesome customer service
  • Tom Sherburne (Owner of SR) rocks
  • The TDUB has been my helmet of choice since it first came out.
  • Purchase donates $15 to Green River Access fund in Memory of Daniel DeLaVergne.
More T Dub porn. Daniel D running something really big.


  • Takes a little while to dial in the HOG system
  • The LVM crew were wearing them, and they still didn’t sack up for the Embudo Race. I was crushed….(maybe they were to busy t-dubing it to race)
T Dub about to protect da head of Atom Crawford

The Verdict:

  • The TDUB is kinda like coffee in the morning, you need it to get the day rolling.
  • The TDUB makes you look cool, even while portaging.
  • The TDUB keeps the sun out of your eyes while dropping in.
  • The TDUB can and will protect your noggin if you are getting throttled.
  • The TDUB is “smokin” hot.
  • Shred Ready will donate $15 for every TDUB helmet sold to the Green River Access fund in Memory of Daniel DeLaVergne. (How cool is that!)

Pat trying to be Pat

Pat trying to be Pat

Trying to be John Grace

Trying to be Tommy

Duking it out with the Stikine. Steep and really big water action.

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