Greg Parker Reviews the Shred Ready Standard Full Face Helmet


Shred Ready Standard Full Face Helmet Review With Greg Parker

Greg Parker is a CKS Squad and Team Jackson member. Here’s his brief, but to the point review on the Shred Ready Standard Full Face helmet. Enjoy!

Crested Butte's creeks are a great place to wear full face protection. They can be steep and very shallow at times.


  • Has great protection.
  • Fits well so it doesn’t slip and it is comfortable.
  • The ears and mouth have vents so it is easy to hear and be heard.
  • It’s the cheapest fullface on the market.
  • Looks bad ass.
The 30 footer on Oh-Be-Joyful-Crested Butte


  • The outer coating layer peeled a little bit. It doesn’t affect the helmet and isn’t noticeable unless you pick it up to look.
Avalanche Rapid on OBJ. Lots of stuff to pound your grill on here. Better use protection.

The Verdict:

I have seen enough stitches and chipped teeth to know the importance of a good helmet. If you creek it’s definitely worth having a full face and Shred Ready’s is the best.

Note: Shred Ready has just released the Standard Full Face Deluxe carbon helmet. This is a composite version of the Standard Full Face. Click here to read more about it. Stay tuned for a review!

Click here to read another detailed review of the Standard Full Face helmet.

Yule Creek POV from Fred Norquist on Vimeo.

Here’s a video that Fred Norquist made with his POV helmet cam. This seems like a good creek for a full face helmet.

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