Clover Creek, CA – Granite, Slides and Sequoias

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Clover Creek is a small, steep, high sierra creek near treeline in Sequoia National Park, feeding the Kaweah. Not only are the drops super fun, the scenery is spectacular and you get to drive past some of the largest trees on earth. A visit to this zone gets you in the proxomity of many other ultra classic runs. We were on Clover in mid April, 2009. Check out the photos posted…

Scotty Baker, Clover Creek, CA. Photo – Chris Menges


Baker drops into the intro drops on Clover. Photo: Menges.

Chris Menges Enjoying the granite on Clover. Photo: Scotty Baker.

Nice POV of the granite steepness. Hood River’s Dan Laham sliding. Photo: Baker.

Look close – Dan Laham dropping from the top of the main set. Photo: Menges

Menges having fun and wondering why he doesn’t live in CA. Photo: Baker

Chris Menges in the ‘entry slide’ to a long set of slides. Photo: Baker

Dan Running “Fifty to Zero”, sometimes portaged. Photo: Menges.

Baker in more slidy fun….

…and wrapping up the run in style. Photos: Menges

3 thoughts on “Clover Creek, CA – Granite, Slides and Sequoias

  1. ckwest

    Wow! That looks like great fun!

  2. Anonymous

    Those slides look great! I watched a National Geographic about Yosemite’s Sequoia’s with an adventure sports twist as biologists collected samples of pine needles from the tree tops to test the tree’s internal water pumps and the affects of global warming. ~ Deep connections w/ nature and cool advanced skills w/ ropes & climbing & excitement ~

  3. kamagra

    Kayak is already a dangerous sport, but doing it in a place like that has to be totally crazy, I mean, an accident on that thing has to be a secure death!

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