The Werner Double Diamond Review By Nicole Mansfield

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Nicole Mansfield Reviews The Werner Double Diamond

Since day 1 of kayaking, I’ve always used a Werner. Through the years, I’ve tried a variety of the models, and have recently started to use the Double Diamond. I love it! The Werner Double Diamond consists of a carbon shaft and mid-sized foam core playboating blades. Yes, it is considered a playboating blade, but I use it for all aspects of kayaking and have yet to be disappointed. The foam core blades are great and don’t wear like an ordinary blade. After a day bracing and pushing off the concrete walls at M-Wave, the blades are the same size at the end of the day as they were at the beginning. The carbon shaft is durable, lightweight, and has a great feel. I’ve smashed my Double Diamond off rocks, wedged it in bad spots, dropped it in sieves, slammed it against my face, accidentally dropped my boat on it and yet it perseveres. Werners are built to last and I would not trust taking any other paddle creeking or playboating.

Dave Fusilli blunting at Skookumchuck

Everyone has their own preferences, but carbon Werners are a must! I’ve tried other brands, but am just not satisfied. I think the Double Diamond is the perfect choice for boaters who want to do it all because you won’t be disappointed whether you’re playboating, running big volume rivers, or creeking the steeps.

Nicole ferrying into fun on The Lochsa River.


  • Lightweight – resulting in less fatigue during a long paddle
  • Reliable Durability – can take a hit without concern
  • Versatile – playboating paddle, but it’s certainly not out of it’s elements on a creek
  • Great grip – won’t slip or cause long term wrist problems
  • Long lasting – normal wear is expected, but unlike other paddles, the blades don’t wear over time
Jared Seiler at The Reno River Festival


  • Cost – a little more expensive than other paddles on the market, but the quality makes it well worth spending the extra dollar
Graham Seiler ready to launch on Kootenai Creek


Unlike buying a kayak, where you can assume that you will spend +/- $1100 to buy a new one, we have a choice when buying a paddle. New paddles can range from $100 to $499. Is it worth spending the extra money? YES! Not only will the Double Diamond last longer and be less likely to break at a crucial spot on the river, but overall you’ll be happier while paddling with it.

Dave fusilli on Kootenai Creek

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