Cannon 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Review

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Cannon 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Review

As the popularity of SUP (Stand Up Paddling) continues to grow in the US and worldwide, so has the demand for ISUPs (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards). For those seeking the convenience of a SUP board that can deflate and fit in a duffel bag and be taken on almost any style of SUP paddling trip, the ISUP has really been a big hit for us all.

SUP is really fun, which is what makes it SO popular

To SUP you obviously need a paddle to accompany you. In the past 3 years, I have been traveling with ISUPs on airplanes to avoid major baggage fees associated with full sized hard boards and so I could have a super durable and fool proof mode to SUP while on vacation. With my board in a bag, I have always packed a one piece SUP paddle, which I put in a ski bag along with some other essential beach gear. It has been hit or miss with airlines and airports as to whether of not I would be dinged with a “service charge” for my longer paddles.

The Cannon 3 piece is ready for action down in the Caymen Islands

2 or 3 piece SUP paddles have always crossed my mind to purchase for travel, but I never pulled the trigger. There are some really nice 2 and 3 piece paddle option out there, but they are more expensive and with multiple junction points you are going to have a little “play” in the shaft. Some ferrules (attachment areas) are worse than others but some very high end 3 pc. paddles, you would never know they are not a 1 piece paddle. It is hard for some to justify paying that much for a paddle that will be used only while on vacation.

Using the 3 piece cannon to paddle into the surf

Speaking of travel, I was coming home from a trade show and came across an ad in a SUP magazine that showcased a 3 pc. Paddle from Cannon Paddles. The ad caught my attention because CKS has already been selling the Cannon 2 pc. Adjustable SUP paddle for about a year now and it is our # 2 seller year to date. Paddlers love the 2 pc. Adjustable SUP paddle for a few good reasons. Firstly it is entry level paddle that is built so much better and is lighter than others in the same price range.

Polypropelene(plastic) blade with aluminum reinforcement.

And it has 8 inches of adjustability in the height of the shaft, meaning you can adjust the height of the paddle from 74-82” which covers about 80 % off the paddlers out there.

The Cannon 3 piece is adjustable from 74" to 82". It fits a whole range of sizes.

CKS decided to bring in the Cannon 3 pc. Adjustable SUP paddle for our customers, primarily as a secondary travel paddle. I was planning another trip out of the country and wanted to bring 2 ISUPs for the family to play on.

Fun for the family

So I got 2 of the Cannon 3 pc. paddles and packed them in the same bag as the ISUPs. Since most every airline has a 50 lb limit per bag, you can easily get a ISUP, a 3 Pc Cannon , a pump and another 10 lbs of beach gear. They all fit easily in one bag which made travel a synch.

Fiberglass shaft and the push pin to attach / detach paddle

Well, we made it to our destination. The paddles click right together, and we were out in the water in a matter of minutes. They are holding up great, are paddling well and seem to travel well too. There are 6 of us sharing the 2 set ups. SUP travel life is good.

The top push pin and size adjustor

I am excited that our customers now have a great and affordable 3 pc SUP option to get them to their destination and having fun while paddling STANDIN UP. Enjoy.

Ready to rock. This is all U need to SUP anywhere in the world.

7 thoughts on “Cannon 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Review

  1. decagrog

    Nice review! Having a 3pc paddle is very convenient with the isup, you put it all in the same bag and you forget it


      TOTALLY. And it does not cost $300 either.

  2. Alan

    was there any problem with the longest piece (35″) sticking out of the bag??


      I do not think so because Earl was using a full size paddle bag.

  3. Kocho

    A quick note – I just bought one of these from CKS and the longest section is not 35″ but is 40-3/4″ on mine. Checked with the store and theirs is the same length (they marked it as 40″ on the specs on the CKS). I really would like to have a 35″ center piece on a paddle that still goes to 82″ – not sure why 3-piece are not made like this – the center piece is almost as long as half the paddle (considering the shortest length of this adjustable paddle is only 74″)…

    Bottom-line, a 35″ length would give me a perfect 62″ linear inches for air travel with my inflatable SUP and pump in the bag. Now, I have to take the pump out of the bag to shrink the diameter of the package and I am barely making it… And the 41″ piece now sticks out on one side and is more prone to breakage even when wrapped well with a PFD or other stuff in the bag.

    As for construction, the shaft segments are sturdy enough and fit very snugly to each other. I don’t particularly like the way the center piece is made (not from straight-thread carbon but using a spiral layup, kind of Lendal bent shaft paddles used to be made, thus it is shiny and I expect slippery yet it is not smooth but instead has the 1/8″ wide strip of spiral visible and can be felt) … but I hope it will be strong enough for occasional use. The blade has an aluminum insert that protrudes out at the ferulle area by about 4-5″ before carbon insert starts. The center section slides over the carbon and under the aluminum tube. The blade feels heavy and also has 2 small holes (presumably to hold the plastic against the aluminum insert). On the plus side, this construction makes the blade quite stiff (compared to say the fully plastic blade on my 2-piece Sevylor Maui paddle). The top piece with the handle is also rather heavy for what it is. Overall weight feels comparable with the Sevylor paddle, which also has a carbon shaft and plastic blade, but the Cannon is overall stiffer (and especially in the blade, so I assume it will be more responsive) and feels sturdier.

    The blade is also a bit longer and narrower than the Sevylor with overall slightly smaller area. I’ll hopefully be using this blade on an upcoming trip in a few weeks, so I’ll have some actual paddling impressions then -;)

  4. John

    I bought a 10″6 inflatable paddle board last summer and I am planning on bringing to to Hawaii. I was thinking of purchasing a Cannon 3 piece paddle but the specs state the middle piece is 40 inches long but my SUP bag is about 34 inches long which means the paddle would not fit in it.


      Out of curiosity, what board do you have? I have used the new (the review was a bit outdated) Accent 3 piece paddles with my Starboard and Badfish, and it fists in both…If y9ou have a smaller bag, you may have part of the shaft sticking out.
      If we sell the board that you have, I can go try to put the paddle in the bag and see if it fits…

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