Johnnie Kayaker Tips: Dane Jackson 4 Step McNasty

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Johnnie Kayaker Tips:  Dane Jackson 4 Step

McNasty Brought to you by Colorado Kayak Supply

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The Colorado Kayak Supply technique series is designed to help kayaker’s “become sick boaters.”  Whether you want to get more air out of your loop, learn how to initiate, clear that huge hole with a slick boof stroke, or stick your McNasty the CKS tips series will help.

“It’s the little things, those subtle positions that make the difference between the best and the rest.”

Dane Jackson pictured on the banks of the BV Whitewater Park.

Today, we interview Jackson Kayak’s Dane Jackson.  Dane just came fresh off a gold medal win of the “Whitewater Grand Prix.”  The Whitewater Grand Prix may be the most revolutionary and extreme event in whitewater kayaking since holoform boats went plastic.  Dane bested a field of 25 of the world’s best kayakers.

McNasty Description- As the kayaker spins his stern into a backblast the athlete impressively half pirouettes and completes the last half of a loop.  It’s a dynamic move illustrating subtle balanced patience with timed power and explosion.

What you’ll need:

  1. Short Playboat- Dane says JK’s Rockstar makes the tougher dynamic moves easy.  Choose a playboat short in length and loaded with volume for pop.
  2. A Great Playhole- Now, we’re talking about the fun stuff.  If you can find a slow and rententive play hole where you can loop all day then it’s time to learn your McNasty.
  3. A Solid Loop, preferably a “loop stroke” style loop versus a clean loop.  If you’re sticking loops at will then you’re ready for the McNasty.

Johnnie Kayaker Tip- The ability to backblast is a key that will help standup your kayak and position it for the finish loop.  Some holes are easier than others.

Dane Jackson’s 4 Step McNasty

Step 1-  Spin into a Backsurf- Getting your stern to blast higher up the green water is going to later help your pop.

First you have to master spinning into a backblast. Try backblasting small holes and waves just for fun.

Step 2-  Stroke Placement- Put your blade in at your bow being ready to pull the stroke as you engage your right bow edge.

Notice Dane "holding" the pull stroke until his shoulders square with upstream.

Dane’s Tip:  Be patient, keep your stroke in until your shoulders square with upstream.  Dane couldn’t emphasize enough, “you have to hold the stroke…”


Step 3-  Edging the Right Side of Your Bow- edging your bow under the downstream current is simultaneous with the backblast and the disciplined right stroke pull.   Now, as your kayak pirouettes to stand and face upstream your poised for the final loop.

Now that his shoulders are square his boat "loads up" and is ready to finish with a loop.

Step 4- Huck Your Loop- If you’ve done everything right then you should be in position to pop a loop.

Ohhh Yeahhh! The perfect ending to balance, timing, and explosion. Aerial Freedom. Whiplike Rotation. Roar from the BV crowd!

Dane’s recommendation, “The (Jackson Kayak) Rockstar makes moves like the loop and McNasty super easy.”

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When you need the best equipment… Choose CKS.

By David Hughes

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