A new type of watersports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado.

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A new type of water-sports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado.

The Whitewater Tube Company was founded by three Colorado University students in 2005 as an inner tube rental and sales shop. WTC grew from being setup seasonally in a canopy tent on the front lawn of a private school, to being a full service water sports equipment rental and sales store. Nick Wigston, the current owner, approached the owners of CKS in Buena Vista with the idea to create a CKS rental and demo center on Colorado’s front range.  Wigston saw the front range demand for paddle sports equipment and took the initiative to create an outlet for the community.

The Boulder CKS and Whitewater Tube Rental center is a great location. Come check out the fleet and beat the heat.

The Whitewater Tube/CKS Rental Center is now a reality in Boulder, Colorado. The location is great being near downtown and adjacent to Boulder Creek, a popular tubing and paddling creek. Boulder is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, so it’s a great location for this unique type of shop.

CKS Rentals Available in Boulder

• Demo or rent rafts,
• tubes
• whitewater and touring kayaks
• inflatable kayaks and canoes
• stand up paddle boards

It's Colorado hot! Tubing, SUP boarding, rafting or kayaking is a fun way to beat the heat.


Wigston states,“People want to paddle or tube, but don’t want to spend the money to buy new gear. Renting is a good way to get out on the water at a very affordable cost. It’s also a great way to get to try out all types of equipment before deciding what brand and model you want to buy.”

CKS customers on the Front Range now have the option to demo many boats and boards. Customers can also special order any CKS item to be shipped directly to the Boulder rental center at no shipping cost to the customer. In order to keep the rental fleet fresh and up to date, the shop is constantly selling off used equipment, making Whitewater Tube/CKS Rental Center a great place to find the best deals on paddlesports equipment and tubes.

Boulder Area Tube and Tubing Rentals

Whitewater Tube rents and sells a variety of tubes for tubing any of the great rivers and creeks near Boulder. Places to tube include Boulder Creek in Boulder, Clear Creek in Golden, the Saint Vrain River in Lyons, The Cache La Poudre River near Fort Collins, The Big Thompson River near Estes Park, and the South Platte River near Denver. Whitewater Tube Company has also just opened a satellite location in Avon, Colorado, which is 10 minutes west of Vail on the Eagle River. Customers can rent tubes and stand up paddle boards at the Avon location, which is inside Transition Sports.

Boulder Area Kayak and Canoe Rentals

Now front range boaters can demo CKS kayaks from Boulder.

The CKS Rental Center in Boulder rents and demos whitewater kayaks, freestyle kayaks, sea kayaks, lake kayaks, sit on tops, and inflatable kayaks. There are many lakes on the Front Range that are great for kayaking, including Gross Reservoir, Boulder Reservoir, Union Reservoir, Horsetooth Reservoir, Carter Lake, Standley Lake, Bear Creek Lake, and more. There are also many rivers and creeks and several quality whitewater parks along the front range that are perfect for beginner to advanced whitewater paddlers.

Boulder Area Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

This new sport is taking the world by force. It’s now the fastest growing paddle sport in the world. Stand Up Paddle boards are great for lake or ocean paddling, river paddling, and even ocean surfing. The CKS rental center in Boulder rents and sells rigid and inflatable SUP boards for paddlers of all sizes. There are several beautiful lakes on the front-range where customers can take the boards and go paddling.

Boulder Area Raft Rentals

Rent from a variety of rafts for your family or adventure trip.

The CKS Rental Center in Boulder rents a variety of rafts for single and multi-day trips. They have several large rowing rafts for overnight river trips, float fishing rafts, and paddle rafts for day trips. Customers take rental rafts all over, from Boulder Creek to the Grand Canyon. One of the rental rafts is a 16 footer that comes on a trailer, so no river is too far.

Contact information:

Media Contact: Nick Wigston – downstreamedge@gmail.com
Whitewater Tube/CKS Rental Center- Boulder
1717 15th Street
Boulder CO 80302
CKS Rental Center Boulder
CKS Boulder & WW Tubing Facebook

Colorado Kayak Supply – Buena Vista, CO
327 east main street
Buena Vista CO 81211
Colorado Kayak Supply

Whitewater Tube – Avon
inside Transition Sports
240 Chapel Place #125
Avon, CO 81620
Transition Sports
Whitewater Tubing, Boulder

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