Liquid Logic Remix XP9 vs. The Pyranha Fusion – Escalante River 2011 Catch it if you can!

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Liquid Logic Remix XP9 vs. The Pyranha Fusion Kayak Review

Head to head. Mano a mano. XP vs Fusion. Which would you choose?

Pyranha Fusion

A few pro’s about the fusion:

  • Had great speed down river and in the flat water alike, the stern had great volume allowing for maximum gear storage.
  • The fusion handled really well maneuvering quickly and responsively to what I needed it to do. Not every boat is perfect though, I found the skeg release to not really be all that functional, releasing when it was not supposed to. The back hatch was really hard to get on until day three of the trip when the rubber finally stretched out, but was completely water tight. The extra plastic dry canister was flimsy attached to the boat but at the same time very useful for quickly needed gear.


  • Not every boat is perfect though, I found the skeg release to not really be all that functional, releasing when it was not supposed to.
  • The back hatch was really hard to get on until day three of the trip when the rubber finally stretched out, but was completely water tight.
  • The extra plastic dry canister was flimsy attached to the boat but at the same time very useful for quickly needed gear.

Liquidlogic XP 9


  • Fast, easy to kayak and roll, Skeg is rock proof.
  • XP handles well in big whitewater and technical boulder gardens.
  • Tons of room for drybags and dryboxes.
  • The XP handles like a SUV with great gas mileage.
  • The badass outfitting is comfortable for miles and miles of flat water or whitewater.


  • The back hatch needs a cam strap applied for extra security.
  • Years of paddling a small playboat can be difficult at first to feel how a big boat handles.

Escalante River 2011 Catch it if you can!

With a better than average snow pack in the Utah high country, this year we thought it would present an opportunity to catch the rarely runnable Escalante Canyon. With 5 days off we drove to the put in at Calf Creek and to our surprise there was enough water to kayak. The 80 miles of Escalante River is far one of the most remote and awe gasping places we have ever been. We knew it would be well worth long days of paddling to experience an epic adventure.

We packed our kayaks to the brim, luxury style filled with 5 days of food, sleeping gear, water, clothes, and drinks. Justin took the Fusion, Pyranha, and Lisa Marie kayaked the Remix XP 9, by Liquidlogic. Most people take Inflatable kayaks for comfort, but we had speed on our mind to complete 80 miles of meandering slow whitewater.

Power through the flats with a Fusion.

Faced with never ending flat water, Russian olive tree strainers, snakes, scorpions, low flying wild turkeys, and occasional technical boulder rapids this kept us on our toes. One mile felt like 5, therefore making time an illusion. The Canyon is filled with amazing beaches, painted walls, and unlimited hiking.

Awesome scenery. Bring hiking shoes for this trip.

The last 5 miles to Lake Powell became epic due to sand bars. Dragging became the form of transportation instead of floating. After a few hours we felt Lake Powell’s presence and got back into our kayaks to find Justin’s dad (aka Shuttle boat bunny) instead of hiking out 5 grueling utah miles.
The trip ended with us loading our kayaks on a fishing boat that took us over 30 miles of lake water to Bullfrong Marina.

Shuttle time

If you want an epic adventure, and the gauge says Esclante Canyon has at least 50 cfs. Pack the dry bags, head to CKS for overnight kayaks, and drive to Utah…don’t forget your hiking shoes.

16 thoughts on “Liquid Logic Remix XP9 vs. The Pyranha Fusion – Escalante River 2011 Catch it if you can!

  1. Joe Catlett

    Great article – for what it’s worth…XP Remix for me! I am collecting river reports from 2011 to include on the escalante river blog. Would you like this article or your trip report published on the blog?


      Sure! That would be great!

  2. Jeff

    Own a Xp ten. Great boat!! Foot peg system Sucks!! lost set on a swim and could not paddle next day. Feet slipped behind pegs when I flipped and pulled them out front of rail as there is no stops to prevent that.I am making stops to prevent that.LLogic ought to correct that problem. Lost peg on previous trip and they sent me new ones for free, which was cool! I love the boat tho!


      Good info. Maybe they will come out with something to remedy that. A bulkhead sounds like it would do the trick.

  3. Jus Brochu

    Where did you get a white xp?


      Lisa has been on team LL for a while, so she has the fringe benefits that go along with that….Custom colors being one of them. Wish they would make it for the public.

  4. Jus Brochu

    Me too! Thanks anyway.

  5. Todd M. Samson

    I have had my XP9 for 2 years. I am 5′ 10″ 185# and the xp9 fits very well. I have packed it for up to 5 days and 4 nights, although with no room to spare, the boat is very good for camping,,,,,I love it for this reason. I have paddled the Clark Fork, Blackfoot, Sun, and the Dearborn up to class III and IV and it handles the water fine. The seating and outfitting is fabulous making the boat very comfortable. My largest complaint is the rear hatch lid… leaks. I have replaced it and it still leaks. The design is poor and it baffles me that LL did not used functional designs similiar to sea kayak rubber hatches that are bombproof. LL needs to come up with a retrofit rubber hatch to fix this flaw. Otherwise, this boat does everything LL claims…..I love it!


      Thanks for reading. You should check out this site, and get in touch with LL if you can:
      I know that they have some “hacks” that they do to get the hatch 100% dry. I am sure that they would love your input, and also would have some good advice for you.

      Thanks for the feedback!
      CKS Admin

  6. Kent

    I was all set on the LL XP 10. But one day they put me in a Fusion 10 (Pyranha), and it was more maneuverable…and my skills had increased so the ‘tippiness’ didn’t unnerve me. I got comfortable in that boat, though why on earth do that make those foot braces so difficult, w screws on both sides; and the seat sucks compared to LL seats. Then I tried an XP 9, which at first I didn’t think I fit in and I was biased to the 10 for longer flat water. But I’m 5’9″, around 175 #s, and eventually, w experience, I fit fine. THEN, at one of the shop’s Demo nights, I tried out all 4: the 9 and 10 Remixes by LL, and the Fusion 9 and 10.
    For all its good qualities, the Remix XP 10 now felt like a bluderbuss. Forget it. The 9 felt a little cramped (I have knee implants and I’m bloody OLD). My old new favorite, the Fusion 10, was fine, an old friend, comfortable with it…but then, w 30 min left, I tried the Fusion 9. Dream come true. THIS be the boat I’m gonna buy..sez me. But the reviews on the Remix 9 are so good, and it is SO comfortable..the seat, and one day they’ll retrofit a hatch that doesn’t leak; and my complaints with the Fusion are significant–the ridiculous screws for the foot rests, the poor seat (esp by compare w LL), and so on.
    so, how about somebody make up my mind for me/! I’ve only rolled in a 10, and that was a Jackson something..FUN? and it was a sketchier roll than the playboat Jackson I practice in, in the swimming pool at school. So, I got to take those 9’s out and roll em, to see… this week maybe, but I’m closing in.
    But can anyone tell me something not covered in these great reviews, that would tip me toward one or the other.
    Seems to me the Fusion 9 is a bit more of a ‘playboat’ than the XP 9, and we ‘ve got some fun man-made rapids now here in Springfield–folks come from 4 states around to play in them!–you’re all invited!– and not sure about the long flat water, which boat tracks better. We have a big reservoir, plus the play pools (they’re just finishing a 7th one way up stream, in a lovely spot, w beach, old wooden trestle, 20-30 yards of ripply rapids just upstream), and I like doing both, and would prefer one boat fits all, more or less. I’m sure after another year or two, I’ll be moving toward that “quiver of boats” they josh us about, at the White Water Warehouse (Dayton, OH).
    But, and so, can anyone out there offer to tip my balance…which 9, Fusion or Remix XP?
    PS. the founder and owner of Liquid Logic, just died last week, on the Payette River , north branch (a hellacious class V and class VI in high water), Idaho. Google Boyce Greer
    Really, really sad. He was an amazing guy, all around.

  7. ocs12

    If you have ever had a hard time learning or refreshing your roll, or just want a boat that is the easiest to roll, these XP’s are the easiest. Ive been kayaking and teaching kayak for over 20+ years. There is no other kayak as easy to roll as the XP 9 and 10. I bought mine from and had no problems. The boat is wide and stable but never feels clumsy. Testamount to LL BA outfitting seat, backband and thigh braces…all adjustable and super comfy.
    The 9 is best for paddlers from 100 to 220 lbs. its a big boat that fits smaller paddlers, optimal performace is about 120 to 175 lbs. Its wider with moderate rocker, fast at 9’3″ and can hold a ferry better than most kayaks out there. XP can track straight and true on flatwater, and can tackle class 1 to 4 rapids in dry upright style, and can handle almost all the classic mulit day trips of the west…and without raft support.

    1. Tim

      Very informative thank you. What about a Dagger Axis 10.5 ? How would this boat compare? Have any of you tried one? I am 6′ 4″ 235lbs. Have canoed and kayaked for 40 years on lakes and oceans, only canoed once on the North Platt river in CO. when I was a boy. Had a great time! My wife is comperable. We really want to start exploring CO., Utah rivers … up to but not including class IVs on multi day trips. Am open to all sugestions. Thanks!

      1. Martha

        I went to a demo day in Farmville, VA with appomattox river company.  I tried all 4 crossover boats including the Dagger Axis, the Jackson Rogue, as well as the Fusion and XP.  I now own an XP 9 in Pink.  I love it.  The Dagger was comfortable, but didn’t manuever like the XP9, and the Jackson’s skeg had already broken and I was probably only the 3rd person to try it.  (The salesperson said it had worked earlier in the day.)   Neither of the other three were as stable as the XP9.  The fusion was nice, but was really hard to open the back hatch.  The XP9 won the day.  That was last year.  This past June, I went again, and test-drove all 4 again, and I made the right choice.  XP9 still won.

        1. ckspaddler

          We get that comment a lot. People love the XP9 and 10 including us.

  8. Dr Bob

    I do an annual 7 day supported trip through Eastern PA on the Schuylkill. Rare Cl II’s some creeky stuff on the top (day 1-3) then more open stuff as we approach “Boat House Row” in Philly on Day 7. First couple years I solo’d Big Bertha, my canoe. Last year I did the top with LL “Gus” we boat, and canoed the rest hoping to find a sexy copaddler to join me. The past 2 yrs I’ve been researching “The” best boat for a 7 day camp able boat that will be fun on the creek and not make me last on the flats. I’m #200, 5’9″. My dream boat became the LL XP10, and was able to pull the trigger on a super deal from EMS in SpecialOps green. I first saw a guy in one 2 years ago who demo’s one for a day. Last year a guy had one for 4 days of the trip. I paddled close and got the ‘scoop’ from each. Awesome Comfy and Oh Yeah was about all either had to report from their riverside reviews.
    I’ve since had 10 day trips in my XP10, with no footpeg problems or hatch issues. I pack my gear in dry bags anyway so a moist hatch doesn’t bother me. After all if you don’t get any on you you’re not doing it right. Now, after finding my dream girl, I’m in the market for a boat for her. I’m looking at all the crossovers to see if anything ‘new’ has emerged to sway me. I guess I’d consider the fusion 9′ but the LL boat is just so well made that I’m not comfortable chancing a $800-1000 investment. I know with the XP9 that she will be safe, she’ll be able to use it to improve her paddling up to pretty much any water we want, and most importantly… She won’t complain about being uncomfortable. So I’ve an offer in to a guy for a new XP9 in Blue Ice, $800 cash and carry. If that works out then I will be the proud owner of 2 of the best boats out there for ‘us’. Beyond that and if we progress to routine III’s and IV’s, then we will add those boat to our quiver and hell… She can pick her own boat then. And finally (I know right!?) I love my XP10. It even makes me look better 🙂 and like my old Triumph, it often has folks asking me about it because its just that cool. I’d be hard pressed to want something else.

  9. Matthew Lawrance

    I am in the uk and interested in yousing it for camping but I am interested in a liquid logic remix xp10 but do I have to mod it do you think
    I am on calm water no white water but thear are fish parces or kayak pass
    If you could advice me I would be
    Great full
    Yours sinserly
    M Lawrance

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