The NRS Inversion Women’s Dry Suit Review by Nicole Mansfield

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Nicole Mansfield Reviews The NRS Women’s Inversion Drysuit


For cold weather or even just cold water kayaking, a drysuit can significantly improve your time on the river. I never realized what I was missing until I started using the NRS Inversion Drysuit. In the past, my performance would deteriorate and I would start praying for the take-out as soon as my gear would become soaked from getting in and out of my boat to scout, wading around in the water, and the typical water splashes to be expected from kayaking. Now I can stay dry, comfortable, and warm all day. The drysuit also significantly improves my morning motivation because unless it’s blistering hot outside, few kayakers enjoy putting on wet gear. Last fall when I went to Chile for 5 weeks I only brought my NRS Inversion Drysuit and union suit, and I was stoked. Even though it was cold and raining for 75% of the time, I was always comfortable and had dry gear, which personally eliminates a huge worry.

Check out Nicole’s promo video. Representin’ the inversion of course.


  • Dry dry drydrysuit means DRY.
    • Warm on the river.
    • No damp morning gear
  • Latex booties slide easily into creek shoes without taking much room and feeling bulky.
  • Front relief zip is helpful (with practice), interfaces well with the NRS union suit, and does not involve the bulky rear zipper that is awkward to sit in a kayak with.
  • Front zip is easy to take on and off by yourself.
  • Durable – Is still prime after over a month of straight abuse while portaging, hiking to the river, and the occasional swim.
Cold, water and shade equals burrrrr. A drysuit makes the paddling experience much more enjoyable.


  • Your friends will be jealous and act accordingly.
  • If it’s actually a hot day while kayaking, you’re hot. But, you’re in the water so you can always flip over.
  • Front zip interfaces with the spray skirt great for creeking, but extensive playboating provides another zone for water to enter your boat. So, carry a sponge.
  • Latex booties lead to slimy feet, so wear socks.
  • Includes purple girl relief funnel. I recommend practicing with it first, because I’m convinced it was designed by a male. There’s got to be a better one out there!
When I went to Chile for 5 weeks I only brought my NRS Inversion Drysuit and union suit, and I was stoked.



If you’re looking to do long days on the river or even short days in the extreme cold, the NRS Inversion Drysuit is a must. It’s no fun to know that there’s 2 more miles of gorge left, no more sun overhead, and you’re already wet and cold. Drysuit’s eliminate these worries. Nobody wants to swim, but sometimes it happens and can be slightly less painful if you’re not trying to pull your stuff together while shivering like a wet dog on the bank. I could go on for pages with the amount of joy the NRS Inversion Drysuit has brought me, but I’ll stop and assume you now believe me that you NEED one!

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Best part of the inversion is that it retails for UNDER $700! That is pretty rare for a QUALITY dry suit. Kokatat GMER’s are pretty sick, but also cost $300 more…

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  1. Ellie

    Hey! Was wondering your sizing for the drysuit? What height are you?


      Hey – sorry for the delayed reply. I will get in touch with Nicole and see if she can help out here.
      It may take a day or 2, she may be on the road…

      Thanks for reading.

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