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CKS Reviews The Liquid Logic Stomper 80 and 90

The Liquid Logic Kayak Stomper Review

Liquid Logic has had a whole bunch new boat designs come out over the years. Some of them have been more popular than others. They were the first ones to release a “river touring” boat (the XP series), which has now become a staple in the whitewater kayak retail market. One thing that LL has always prided themselves on, was being able to build a BAD ASS creek boat like the Jefe. Being located within a stones throw of  The Green River may have something to do with it. Looks like it’s time for Woody, Shane and crew to release another steep creek weapon. This one’s called the Stomper.
We’ve had our shop demo boats (80 and 90) for about a week now, and still have enough water in the ditch to spend some quality time in them before the season comes to an end.
Overall all we give the Liquid Logic Stomper 2 HUGE thumbs up.  2 staff members actually bought one the day after they paddled it. That may be a shop record…


This is a great video. Shane goes over all of the new features of the boat. He also talks about the new hull design.


  • Lots of bow rocker. The Stomper is definitely a creek boat more than it is a river runner. It loves to boof, peel into micro eddies, and be launched off of things.
  • The peaked deck helps with fast and predictable resurfacing. There is also a lot of volume in the bow. Again, this helps with stability, hull speed and predictability.  2 rescue points – standard issue.
  • The Stomper has continuous rocker. This means that there is no “flat spot” on the hull. Because the hull’s rounded, it’s much easier to turn on a dime. Even though The Stomper 90 is 8’6″, it paddles like an 8 foot boat because there is not as much hull in the water. At the same time, there is plenty of speed, because there’s actually 8’6″ of boat.
  • The Stomper has a planing hull with a chamfered edge. Basically, it has a slight edge on it. Water is able to run under the boat without “tripping” you. We paddled it in low volume, creeky Class IV, and the hull was awesome. The edges did not catch on anything. You can boof off of manky rocks like you could in a Jefe.

    Planing hull and a chamfered edge.

    Closeup of the slight edge. Nothing to trip you up. There is still enough there for good boat control.

    Hull profile of The Jefe vs. The Stomper

  • The Stomper has a BIG FAT stern. There is elevated volume for stability and speed out of big drops. You can plow through holes and not feel like you are going to get stuck. Between lots of hull speed and a fat rear end, getting out of trouble is easier than in other boats. Just paddle hard.
  • How does The Stomper compare to The Villain or Jefe? It has more edge than both, but not as much as a Pyranha Burn.
  • Great color selection. Black Ops in da house.
  • The storage seat system is REALLY COOL for overnighters and expeditionary trips. The backband actually releases, and lifts up, which makes it super easy to stuff gear into the huge stern.

    Lift the seat up and put your gear in the stern.

  • The Stomper is a creeker more than it is a river runner or learning boat. If you are looking for a boat to take on a class IV run or above, this is your machine. Lots of rocker, and a little edge with a planing hull. The boat performs best when you are on your game. If you are learning to kayak, or want a boat for class II and III the Remix is a better choice. The hull is more forgiving, and it has less rocker.
  • Both boats have an XL deck, which makes for an easy exit. It has been noted by our staff that and XL deck Immersion Research Lucky Charms skirt fits the best, and stays the driest.


  • There is not as much foot room as you would think for an 80 or 90 gallon boat. There’s still plenty of room to be comfortable, but it’s not a humungous cockpit like the XP series has.
  • The storage seat system is super cool, but sometimes makes a popping sound when you first sit in the boat, and ratchet the backband tight. Basically, since the seat moves upwards, it sometimes comes off of it’s holder. This has absolutely no impact on performance or safety. It just makes a popping sound. One really cool thing about LL is that they REALLY listen to their customers. If you have any ideas, or things that you think could be better, get in touch with them via Facebook or email…They will listen. Check out this vid.
  • The Stomper is a brand new boat that was designed by Liquid Logic designers and team paddlers. As with all first year products, there may be a few subtle changes and tweaks. As far as we can tell, it seems like this thing is already off to an awesome start. We’ve got a CKS Squad member taking the boat to The Black Canyon this weekend – stay tuned for the review.
  • There’s no “Chico” size for now…smaller paddlers will have to paddle the 80. Fortunately this boat paddles a lot smaller than it really is.

The Verdict:

Liquid Logic nailed it with The Stomper. So far, everyone at CKS that has paddled this boat has had rave reviews. It’s big, fast and ready to charge hard on gnarly drops. It also does not feel nearly as big as it really is, which makes it even more appealing. The soft chamfered edges and continuous rocker will give paddlers confidence, and allow them to maneuver the boat on tight runs and must make moves. Liquid Logic has always had a kick ass creeker in their lineup, and from the looks of this thing, they will continue to have one until they come up with the next great design.

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39 Responses to CKS Reviews The Liquid Logic Stomper 80 and 90

  1. Fred says:

    Uhm…. ever seen a Bliss-Stick Mystic? Funny how Isaac L. went to NZ, paddled the Mystic while there, came home and had his boy Shane make it for him and try to pass it off as one of Liquidlogic’s designs. Weak sauce!

  2. Isaac says:

    Stomper has nothing to do with the mystic fred, it was made well before I went to New Zealand it’s also completely different. like Shane said he usualy takes what I say and makes the oppisite as im always wanting outragious things that would probally not work. Mystic was the only boat I could get my hands on down there it was really nice they helped me out. I decided to go last minute straight from Australia and could not get liquid logic boat.
    The stomper is a sick boat and a perfect addition to the liquid logic fleet. Im looking forward to racing it a Sickline in a few weeks

  3. boneyards says:

    You’re probably right, but so what if Shane & Liquid Logic copied the Mystic? Designers are always copying others or gathering inspirations from others. Even if they did copy it, they obviously added their own sauce (not weak sauce) and railed in some Jefe-like features. I want one.

  4. Alex says:

    hi there,

    interesting info about Remix for class II and III – Stomper for IV and above…

    Actually I fell in love with a remix 79 (drilled it down after demod lots of boats) and paddle class III and easy IVs…seems that I have to demo the Stomper, too…

  5. Roman Ryder says:

    As a former Bliss-Stick agent, who has spent a ton of time in the Mystic, I’ll just say there was definitely room for improvement. I recently paddled my Mystic for the first time in a while and these are the three things that stood out to me.

    – No large model available
    – Not enough volume in the stern
    – Uncomfortable outfitting (seat too high)

    I think it’s safe to say that the Stomper won’t have any of these issues. Plus, it’s being made by a great company. Someone asked me my opinion about a few boats the other day. I told them to go with the Liquid Logic, because it was the best company.

  6. J. says:

    Great review, boat looks sick. Rockin the Jefe now, any insight on the big differences between the Jefe and Stomper? Enough to justify a switch?

    • Hey-
      Great question. The big difference is in the hull and the edges. We had a customer send this micro review (comparison) to us today. Check it out:

      I ran the lower kern river today in a Stomper 90..I am a class 5 Kayaker that has been boating the Jefe Grande since it was 1st introduced. As an a ACA instructor I have owned dozens of boats over the years and thought I found the perfect boat with the Jefe Grande (I own 2 and 1 play boat).
      The Lower Kern River is a class 4 run and was flowing at about 1400 cfs today. The Stomper is an improved version of the Jefe. The boat is absolutely smooth, fast, floated over everything, and held a straight line.
      This is due to the slightly less rocker and semi-planing hull.
      The edges are just enough to hold a line and not get grabbed. I hate a creek boat or big water boat with grabby edges.
      Yesterday while boating a freind’s Karnali I felt as if I was floating around in a boat much too large for me, the edges were getting grabbed, and the bow would punch through the waves and not float over them making it harder to pivot and change directions.
      This is the experience I have had with every semi-planing hull, reduced rocker boat I have ev
      er tried. Somehow Liquid Logic has designed a boat the does it all – very soft edges that are not grabby and holds a line, plenty of rocker, fast, turns on a dime, and ultimate comfort. I have swore by the Jefe Grande.
      Since it’s introduction I have not had a swim. I’m an average class 5 boater, 6′-0″, 180 lbs. When accessing a creek boat I want to be able to turn on a dime, boof good, not be fighting grabby edges, and to be able to float above and over holes and bid waves.
      I don’t mind the drawbacks of a slightly slower boat that takes some effort to keep a line.
      With the new Stomper 90 I get all the benefits of the Jefe Grande without the few drawbacks.
      Fast, straight, turns on a dime, unbeatable comfort, and enough rocker to get up and over while maintaining your speed and line.

      • J. says:


        Thanks for the feed back. Sounds like LL managed to create a better version of an already sick design. Stoked to test this badboy out. Any chance these things will make it to S. America in the next couple months ha….

        • Totally. More stable, faster and bombs things like a tank, but can still turn on a dime. We could have one to South America to you in a week or so if you wanted. Where do you live? We ship internationally all of the time. It costs a bit, but may be a better option than waiting for them to eventually get distributed down there.
          If you wanted to exactly when LL was going to get them down there, I would email them directly…
 or facebook them. The are super quick to respond.

  7. Chris - Tolyho says:

    I picked up my baby yesterday, a 80. With some quick adjustments at the put in this morning I paddled a 3+/4 with flat in between to get the feel of the new boat. I came over from a Burn and most recently a Solo. Both of those boats were great but the Burn felt a bit to slicey and the Solo I loved for its forgiveness, great construction and short length. I’m 6′ and 162lbs. I’m not going to compare it to the Jefe since I haven’t paddled one for any long period of time but the Stomper is faster than both by a lot, more stable than both but yet it’s not a notchy stability like the Burn with a flat then fall to secondary, this thing is super smooth with an uncanny ability to let you recover from any mistakes you made. Rolls easier than any other boat I’ve been in(wide range as I’ve owned 15 or so)and I forgot how comfortable LL makes their outfitting. The Solo had great outfitting but sat a bit high, the Stomper sits super low with a high butt so I felt more in contact with the flow. It tracks like the Burn but can spin and change direction with a fraction of the effort. I ran one of the rapids backwards(on purpose)and never came close to flipping. This is a great boat to me and I have no regrets with my purchase. Now to get some more rain so I can check it out on some of the local creeks with drops. Thanks Shane and crew at LL for making me smile even though I was super hung-over. Chris

    Side note: if you get one of the Black Ops keep a flashlight handy to see inside cuz it’s full-on blackout in there!!

  8. Luke says:

    To the guy comparing the mystic… Even the small stomper is bigger, longer and has continuous rocker. these are different boats, quite different boats actually. Not only are they different boats, they paddle very differently as well, so your comment isn’t really an opinion, its just incorrect.

  9. Mike says:

    Paddled a Stomper 80 for first time after hearing all the rave reviews. Been in a Burn for last 4yrs. Got both M n L. I was sceptical at first as it ‘seemed’ a little wobbly due to narrowness. Soon discovered that its a very stable boat. Tracks different from Burn series- spins out on eddy lines if not ‘driven’ properly whereas Burn is very responsive to current due to edge. What I found most impressive is how it doesn’t get tripped up in bigwater, whereas the Burn would feel like someone’s trying to rip you over- again edges. Also the Stomper is WAY EASIER to roll than Large Burn. Nothing keeping Stomper from rolling up! Super forgiving. Lastly, all that bow rocker makes the Stomper a boofing machine. It practically autoboofs itself, very fun.
    I did think the Stomper 80 seemed small, even felt smaller than MedBurn. I did not like how the water line was very close to the cockpit rim along the hips… but that is small beans. Also difficult to access rear due to low cockpit rim. I’m 170 5’8″ so probably 90 is too big, though I’d like to see.
    Anyways, I am sold… the Stomper is a sweet new boat! Thanks LL crew

    • Thanks a bunch for the comments. It helps to get honest paddler feed back. I noticed the low seat position too when I paddled it. Compared to a Burn, you sit way down in there. On the other hand, it gave me a very stable feeling. I am paddling a 90 in the spring for sure!

  10. Mike says:

    Can anyone speculate on the life expectancy of the Stomper 90 vs the Remix 79 for the XXL paddler?

    • The life expectancy of both boats are exactly the same because they are constructed from the same plastic. The only thing that would determine how long a boat would last is the way that you paddle the boat, and where you paddle it. if you creek on low water mank, and are heavy, you could get some gouges in the boat…any boat will do that. If you paddle higher volume water, than you should not have to worry about it as much….In general, LL builds a hard core boat, that is meant to be paddled hard; hence the name – THE STOMPER.

  11. Dustysims77 says:

    need advice. learned basics in a mamba 8.5. doing class III regularly and feelin pretty good, but i know i still have lots to learn.i feel like im moving too slow.  like i need to maneuver faster, (turn, and espically accelerate, etc.)  time for something like a stomper? not intrested in V’s  but would love to get into IV in the next couple seasons.

  12. Ted Geving says:

    Size question:

    I’m 5’7, 150lbs, currently paddling a Mystic, am I too light for this boat?

    Would like to hear from smaller guys who have paddled this on class IV/V.

    Also have paddled a M Burn(old) and Habitat 74. Hated the Habitat, think I was too light for it. Loved the Burn, feel that the Mystic is nice compromise between the two boats for my size.

    • Bobby says:

      A lot of it depends on what kind of ww you paddle. If you want to float high,, the 80 would be a good match. I know that Fred Norquist and Evan Garcia do not weigh much more than 170 or so, and they paddle Jefe Grande’s and Stomper 90’s.

  13. Rocksplat says:

    Is the Jefe going to be discontinued or is it going to
    remain as LL’s hard core creeker with Stomper as the more play orientated

    • ckspaddler says:

      The Stomper and Jefe are both being built still, but we will only carry the Stomper. The Stomper can do anything that the Jefe can do, but has a semi-planing hull.
      We are going to sell the Pyranha Shiva and Dagger Nomad for rounded hull creekers.
      The Jefe is a great boat, and still a favorite among many world class paddlers though.

  14. Josh says:

    As a former mystic owner, these boats are nothing alike. The Stomper far surpasses the performance of the Mystic. The Stomper   is a boofing machine, with unmatched performance! It will be my only creamer until they stop making it!

  15. Josh says:

    I meant creeker  haha

  16. pieter says:

    So I am sold on the stomper, now i just have to decide between the 80 and 90. I am 6’1 and 173. I have been paddling a LL CR 250 for 2 years and i love it. the problem is, i get beat to shit over big waterfalls and sticky holes. So, Im gonna get a new stomper. I am worried that the 90 will be to big, and maybe even a little clumsy, because i am at the very bottom of the weight range. At the same time, Im getting this boat for the volume, and it will be primarily used for big water. If i get the 80, it could be kind of small, but i also like having a ton of control over my boat. But, would the 80 even be a big jump from my cr250? theres a 15 gallon volume difference.. So should i go with the 80, which might be a little small, or go with the 90, which could be a bit clumsy because i am light for it? ANSWER SOON
    i dont wanna change my mind on getting this boat haha

    • I think that you would enjoy the 90 better for 2 reasons…1.) you are 6’1″ and the Stomper has a continuous rocker profile that makes it paddle and feel smaller than it really is. At your height, you may be more comfortable in a bigger boat. 2.) If you are running some class IV+/V, why not have the extra 10 gallons. The main load of volume is in the stern of the boat where you do not notice it until you hit sometime big and sticky – then you know it is there because it literally pushes you out of trouble. Shane Benedict calls it “land and leave” technology. After paddling the boat, I can say that I agree with him.

      I agree with what you said – if you are going to upgrade to a creeker for running big waterfalls, might as well get as much volume as you can get and not feel like you are in a bathtub.

      Also – are you going to ever do a self support trip? that could be another reason to go with the 90…

      • pieter says:

        Thanks. I really don’t plan on doing a self support trip, the group that i paddle would never wanna sit out a trip that i did on my own! It sounds like the stomper fits a bit smaller than other 8’6(ish) boats, so im deffinatly leaning towards the 90. even though im smack dab in the middle of the weight range of the 80, all the reviews i have read about it talk about how snug the 80 felt for paddlers who were even shorter than me. If i go 90, will it still be tight enough for me to have a ton of control over? and most of the time I am running my local 2s 3s and some 4s. will this boat still be small enough to have fun in that kind of water?

        • Hey –
          I think that you would still fee snug in the boat (the 90). A lot of it would depend on how you outfit it. If you put a few extra pieces of foam shims in the hip pads, and then some good foot foam on the bulkheads, you would be in there tight. I am guessing that you have a narrow waist, so the only place on the boat that you would need to beef up would be the hip – and that is super easy. You could probably be able to do that in about 2 minutes with the extra shims provided.
          Yes, it is true that the size of the boat fits smaller than you would think. I know someone who is 6’4″ or so, and did not fit in the 90. I am 6’1″ or 6’2″ and was a perfect fit in the 90. It did NOT feel like a huge boat. I paddled it on some low volume / steep class III+ and IV- and it was super fun. I could plow through any hole or drop on the run and not worry about getting stuck in it.

          Do you know anyone who has an 80 that you could just sit in?? I have a feeling that you would have the bulkhead all of the way up, or may have to trim the seat back.

  17. eastcoastboater says:

    What are people’s thoughts on the Stomper 90 vs. Recon 93? I am 6’3″ and 240 lbs. Looking to replace a Burn L. Can either of these boats handle big water (Gauley) easy enough as well as creeks?

    • At your size, you may have more room in the Recon 93 because it is 3 gallons larger, and a little bit roomier inside.
      I have only paddled the Stomper and think that it would do well as a big water boat because it has a flatter bottom and some edges (chamfered). I know a lot of paddlers that use it as a one stop shop for all things downriver…
      As for the Recon, I know that Jonathan Ehlinger, did a great blog review for us and loves using the Recon as a big water boat too.

  18. patrick auge says:

    Hey I just got into kayaking and not real experienced been down the river a couple time in a ducky and a lot in a dagger torrent just on small rapids like the Hiawassee……… so not much experience but want to learn. I’ve done a lot of reading and the two boats I had in mind were the LL stomper and Jackson hero what are your thoughts on these two boats………. please keep in mind im a beginner and not much experience but want to learn more I live in Chattanooga TN, so ill be spending a lot of time on the Ocoee and other rivers and creeks around. ultimately though I want to get into some creeking and high class rapids…….. oh im around 5’9 and 155 if that helps at all.

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