Fist of Boof – Land on a Stroke

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Boof with stroke on one side, land with stroke on the other

Land on a Stroke
Technique with Sensei Stafford
Photos by Spencer Mauk

Today’s lesson is short and simple. It really is a simple concept yet when done correctly it can enhance the effectiveness of multiple areas of your boof. Below is a sequence of Boof Leroy to help illustrate the technique. Land on a stroke. The ideal is to take a stroke on one side of your boat and to land with a stroke on the opposite side. This is not a technique for large waterfalls, which we should not be boofing in general anyway.

By focusing on your follow through, you allow three major components of your boof to be completed almost effortlessly. The first is your torso rotation. The further you wind up the more momentum you have to take a stroke on the opposite side when you unwind. Second, spotting your landing. When you uncork and lean forward for your follow through stroke, it will most certainely be easier to see your landing zone, and thirdly, landing in control. When you land on a stroke your are much less likely to roll, and much more likely to be leaning forward and moving in your desired direction, ready for the next stroke.

Torso rotation

Grab some water, i.e. ready for take-off

Spot your landing and pull through, i.e. launch
Use your uncorked torso rotation to be lined up on the opposite side for a stroke upon landing. Ideally leaning a bit more forward than Boof Leroy here

Land on that stroke feeling balanced and poised

Ride off into the sunset

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