CKS Customer Review: Robert McPherson Reviews The Snap Dragon Armortex Spray Skirt

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The Snap Dragon Armortex Spray Skirt Review

You’d think that at my age I would have learned that it’s better to spend a bit extra and get the best when you need it. I guess I’m a slow learner.
I took up kayaking two years ago at age 51. I live in Nepal and I rented a kayak and kit for a while at the beginning and then bought my first boat, a used Nomad. I invested in a new kit including a good standard quality spray deck (NOT the Snap Dragon Armortex). We ran the Karnali and my only swim was when my spray deck imploded in a play hole. Then I ran the Seti in high monsoon flows and my run through Labdi rapid (see clip below) opened my spray deck on one side although fortunately my boat didn’t flood. I realized I needed a better spray deck for the type of water I like to paddle. That’s when I bought an Armortex and my life changed.

Purchasing the Armortex was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It fits like a tight leather driving glove. You just know that the Armortex is going to stay on like it’s supposed to. Having my spray deck implode or open accidentally in big water has gone from Concern Number One to the least of my worries. The first time I used it was in November 2011 on a run down the Marsyandi. As the clip below shows, Paudi Rapid was generating considerable carnage the day we ran it but the Armortex ran it clean (I’m second in the group of three).


  • Safety: No more swims because your spray deck didn’t stand up to the water.
  • Confidence: You can focus on the river rather than worrying about your equipment.
  • Durability: With the Kevlar interweave, the Armortex may be the last spray deck you ever purchase. It’s built to last.


  • Price: It costs a bit more than other skirts but you get what you pay for. Since it lasts longer than other skirts it more than pays for itself.
  • Ease of use: It’s a bit hard to get on at first but that’s part of having a skirt that doesn’t come off. Once you use it a few times it gets easier.

The Verdict:

If you need a spray deck that stays on and will last forever, get the Armortex.

8 thoughts on “CKS Customer Review: Robert McPherson Reviews The Snap Dragon Armortex Spray Skirt

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome skirt.

  2. Chad Gorby

    Nice Review, thanks for sharing

  3. Jules6wick

    ive just got one and its tight at the front and loose at the back holds water then you bum gets wet any ons else had this problem??

  4. Rmcphers

    I haven’t had this problem. In my limited experience selected skirts may work well for some kayaks than others. The Armortex seems to be particularly well suited for the Nomad which I paddle. Maybe it’s not that good a fit for your boat?

  5. WhiteWaterGusher has some amazing raft and boating coolers.

  6. Harmsway501

    been using Snapdragon Skirts for years now, and having started with MountainSurf, SnapDragon is the best around.  The Amortex w Implossion Bar is a great skirt, and long lasting.  I’ve had one for more than 6 yrs.  And have a newer version for 3 yrs.  They are bombproof. 

    1. Harmsway501

      Just be sure to get the XL for creek boats.  Also, the neoprene tends to shrink after drying through the course of several years, so it might be good to size up the waist if you are borderline.  SnapDragon customer service has always been real good in my experience.  If a skirt ever shows an issue with stitching they are happy to fix it. 

      1. ckspaddler

        agreed. snapdragon customer service is awesome. that’s why we like to sell it.
        snapdragon has a really good fit list on their site, and it is always a good idea to look at that before you buy a skirt:

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