The Boardworks SUP Raven – A Review by Mike Tavares


The Boardworks SUP Raven Review With Mike Tavares

“To Seek, Plunder, or Prey,” is one of the many definitions for the word Raven and its exactly what the Boardworks SUP Raven does. This board seeks out any body of water and brings out the best in any paddler in any condition. After using the Raven in a variety of different bodies of water, I have found that this multi-use board is good for just about anything. Recently named Men’s Journal gear of the year award, the Raven is a must for paddlers looking for a SUP board that is easy to use and performs great.

The Bamboo Veneer gives the board a great looking finish. The Raven is a close second to the ultra high end M&M race board beside it.

Boardworks brings its unsurpassed quality construction at a great price to give paddlers a board that is designed for all purpose cruising, recreational racing, fishing, or just plain getting out on the water. This board was built with glide and speed in mind so it paddles easier, giving you a smoother ride across the water. Here are some points that I like about the Raven.

Raven 12’6″ Specs:

  • Height: 12’6″
  • Nose: 13 9/16″
  • Width: 30 3/16″
  • Tail: 15 5/8″
  • Thickness: 6 15/16″
  • Fins Included: Single Fin
  • Weight Range 140-250
Raven 10’6″ Specs:

  • Height: 10’6″
  • Nose: 14 3/4″
  • Width: 29 3/16″
  • Tail: 16 9/16″
  • Thickness: 6 15/16″
  • Fins Included: Single Fin
  • Weight Range 80-165

Boardworks Raven 12’6″ from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

  • Thick and forgiving rails that allow for an absurd amount of stability
  • Piercing bow that breaks through the chop
  • Slightly inset deck pad area that enables you to lock into the standing area
  • Light and strong Boardworks TEC-V construction
  • 10’6 and 12’6 sizing to allow for the perfect fit for a variety of paddler sizes
  • Can be used in a variety of water conditions. From Flat water to moving water
  • Deck Rigging give you options to store gear for fishing, overnighters, and day packs
  • Bamboo Veneer gives the board a great looking finish
Freestyle flatwater SUP. It’s always fun to get vertical, no matter what sport it is.
Haley Mills enjoying The Raven
Sunset paddle

Overall, this board is hard to beat. It paddles smoothly, can be used in almost any condition, and looks great. Check one out and you will be sure to enjoy!

4 thoughts on “The Boardworks SUP Raven – A Review by Mike Tavares

  1. MegCarpen

    This board looks great! Can’t wait to check it out this summer.

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  3. Scott Koehler

    How much does the Boardwork Raven 12’6″ SUP weigh?


      The Raven weighs about 30 lbs. Every board is a little bit different, but 30 is about the average.

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