5 GOOD Reasons not to miss CKS PaddleFest 2012

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  1. SAVE MONEY ON GEAR:All boats, rafts and boards are 10% off (some restrictions apply). Accessories are 15% off as well. If you want to save more than that, the gear swap is happening all weekend too.
  2. BEER ME, AND THEN WHISKEY ME: Eddyline Brewery Boater Beer will be overflowing out of their 16oz cans, and Deerhammer Down Time  single malt whiskey and Whitewater Whiskey will be waiting for you after you paddle. Both of these top shelf beverages were born in Buena Vista, and are about as good as it gets.
  3. STEEP CREEKIN!Lake Creek at a “measly” 400+cfs is still WAY scarier than paddling the Ark  at  4,000cfs. If you are looking for a butterflies in your stomach, pee in your pants and “see Jesus” type experience, than fire up the left line of Paralyzer —> Kiss The Wall. Roadside class V/V+ doesn’t get any better than lake Creek.
  4. 400-500CFS IS A PERFECT LEVEL TO SUP AND RIVER SURF THE BV RIVER PARK: Boardworks SUP is going to represent in a big way. Mike Tavares and Haley Mills are in town with all of the latest boards from Badfish and Boardworks. Head on down to South Main Square at 11am on Saturday, and carve it up. They’ll also have a whole bunch of inflatable boards for downriver paddling.

    Both of these videos are very recent. Expect the water and river features to be at similar levels for PaddleFest.
  5. TEVA BLOCK PARTY!Teva is sponsoring Saturday nights extravaganza. Party down with your friends and listen to Angie Stevens rock the house. Thanks again to Eddyline Brewery for sponsoring this event with their brand new Boater Beer. 16oz cans, yea! If you’ve still got some party left in you after the Angie Stevens show, head on over to The Lariat, and jam out to Crazy Otto. Grateful Dead cover tunes always sound better after midnight when you have a few pints in you

2 thoughts on “5 GOOD Reasons not to miss CKS PaddleFest 2012

  1. Steve F.N. Winemaker

    Reason #6 (sort of goes with #2): Vino Salida Wine Cellars will be in the Beer Tent with damn tasty vino handcrafted down south in Salida! Stop by to try the Bianco, Rosato, Petite Sirah & Merlot.

    1. ckspaddler

      Reason #6 was a great one. I will cheers to that.

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