The C4 Waterman Wahine Cruiser Review

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The C4 Waterman Wahine Cruiser is an innovative board with a classic design. It’s packed with features found on modern SUP’s, yet retains the look of a traditional Hawaiian cruiser.
Here’s a quick breakdown on the boards highlights:

  1. C4’s 2013 do everything board; surf, flat water, touring, fitness, etc. This is Todd Bradley’s go to board  for every day paddling in Hawaii.
  2. Designed to be smaller than the standard touring board. At 10’10”, it’s  lighter so easier to get on and off the car, to transport and also easier to turn and maneuver.
  3. A true cross over hull – The Wahine Cruiser has displacement hull characteristics, such as  the v nose that is rounded,  and taper back towards the tail. The tail is square in design for stability and maneuverability like designs you see on a surfing SUP.
  4. Recessed Deck – The qualities and benefits of a sunken deck are a lower center of gravity, and it is concave so it draws your knees inward for stability – instead of other designs that draw your knees outward (bow legged); it’s more ergonomic.
  5. Deck rigging attachments to haul gear
  6. EZ strap attachments to add paddle holders
  7. 2 leash attachment to both give option as to what side paddlers want to use. It also can be doubled up for integrity in big surf.
  8. Construction Feather Core. Laminated bamboo skin core over lightweight EPS = natural and more lively feel. Wood is starting to become a more widely used in products like skis, snowboards and now paddle boards.
  • Length: 10’10”
  • Width: 29.75″
  • Thickness: 4.75″
  • Weight: 24.2 lbs
  • Volume: 197 liters
  • Diamond Tail
  • Single Fin with 10″ center box
  • In-deck handle for easy carrying
  • Inserts for EZ-Straps
  • Inserts for attaching cargo
  • Standard 10″ center fin box
  • Deck pad included
  • Fin included
Displacement shaped V nose to pierce through chop and stay on track. The bottom of the board is flatter towards the back, and planes out when surfing.
The official specs of the Wahine Cruiser
Bamboo veneer deck provides a lively feel. The recessed (slightly concave) shape give the paddler more stability, and also makes it easier to keep your legs inward (and not bow legged).
Deck rigging for day trips and overnighters. This board is the perfect choice for days out on the lake or ocean.
The bamboo veneer is pretty and also gives the board a unique feel. Pointy nose and a block tail allow the Wahine to be a good tourer as well as surfer.
Twin leash plugs for using the leash on either the right or left side of the board. You can also double up and use both plugs for big surf.
C4 Waterman owner Todd Bradley’s back yard. Nice view.
Todd Bradley surfing his way back to the beach. The hybrid design is nice for touring in small surf.
Flatter hull towards the back of the board, and a block shaped tail for stability and control.
10″ single fin.
10’10”, 29″ wide and 24 lbs. This board is more maneuverable than most 11’6″ SUP long boards, easier to load onto the car, and easier to transport in general.
C4 Waterman. Tried and true.

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