Thoughts On The Pyranha Nano…

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The Pyranha Nano:

Here’s a quick little excerpt that Paul Kuthe sent us after spending a little bit of time in this unique boat…
The Medium Pyranha Nano was the perfect blend of the Jed’s loose and explosive freestyle hull, with the solid predictable “creekability” of the Shiva.  It’s business up top and party on the bottom.  Add some Burn characteristics in the stern with some chine releasers to the edges, and you have a Creeking, play  boating do anything machine that will just about fit in your pocket.  I took it down some low volume steep creeks then cruised out to a favorite surf spot.  Huck the falls and then turn on all the best play waves in your favorite creek!  Get your “Freak-Style” on with the NEW Pyranha Nano in two sizes!  I certainly did!

Paul Kuthe
Program Director
Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe

7 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Pyranha Nano…

  1. In Between

    How big are ya?


      I am not sure what Paul’s size it – I will find out.

      CKS Admin

  2. floyd

    Love the Nano! How about a small.?.Jackson seems to be the only one who does that for us ladies…


      Yes, it would be great if all companies made boats for women and kids like Jackson does…they are awesome.

      The Medium Nano used to be the S/M – which is only 67 gallons. The Jackson Little Hero is only 2 gallons smaller; they’re pretty similar sizes.
      Have you tried the smaller of the 2 sizes?

  3. Mark

    Size choice is very difficult for this boat. I weigh between 175-180 depending on the time of the season. This firmly puts me in the no-mans land for size. Usually there is some overlap with WW kayaks. Would I be okay with either size, or would I be better to go smaller? Larger?
    Any help with my decision would be much appreciated!


      It is true, you could paddle either boat. I think that by answering some questions, we could quite easily figure out which boat is best for you:
      1.) How tall are you? The taller you are, the more of an argument there is for paddling the L boat. The Nano is fairly short, which means that you may want more leg room in the L.

      2.) What rivers will you be paddling? Big water? Creeky? Class II-III? Class III+. Again, the Nano is not a long boat, and is kind of “corky”. It is really fun to paddle however. If you’re on bigger, harder water whitewater, or harder creeks, the L would be a better boat. It would be easier to handle.
      IF you are going to be paddling lower volume, easier rivers, the S/M would do well/

      Will you be putting lots of gear in your boat? If so, go for the L.

  4. Mark

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I currently paddle a Varun. Fun for class 3 technical rivers, old-school moves, surfs and so on…not much fun for punching holes, boofing, general river running, etc. I’m looking for a boat that I can do some creeking, running big water occasionally, but mostly fun on medium volume technical rivers. Class 3-4+.

    I am 6′-2″ tall. I often find play boats too small, due to leg length. I have a slim…my wife says athletic…build.

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