What Happens When Gnarly 100’+ Waterfall Hucks Go Wrong?

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Gnarly Waterfall Drop In Chile

The Puma from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.
The Puma – one of the hardest waterfalls ever paddled. Not only is this beast over 100 feet tall – it has a super tricky lead in, and 1/2 of the volume of the water in the drop runs into a room of doom eddy. Sound fun? You know this drop is super legit when a guy like Evan Garcia had to look at it quite a few times before running it.
Evan styled his line, but the physics of the drop compressed / folded his boat and did some damage to his leg….check out the vid! Props to EG for having some huge brass cahones and skills to pay the bills.

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  1. Cynical

    I think you had a typo, it should have been “…huge brass cahones and PARENTS to pay the bills.”

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