The Green Race 2015

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Ty Skoe

This is going to be CKS Online’s ongoing (for this week, anyways) blog on the Green Race, one of the most well-known and best events in kayaking. For 20 years now, the Green Race has brought out some of the world’s best paddlers to compete for The Glass, a handmade trophy, rather than money or prizes.

List of registered competitors:

Green Race Pic11
CKS Online Squad Member Stephens Brown racing in 2014.

The course record was set in 2012 by slalom paddler extraordinaire, Mike Dawson. This year, with a juicy high flow, racers such as Pat Keller, Isaac Levinson and Dane Jackson are setting to challenge the course record. In recent days, Keller has set an unofficial record at 4:01. Check out the video of his run below.

Can he do it when it counts on Saturday? Check back later this week for more updates, including some thoughts on the race from CKS Online’s own, Nelson Jones, who has raced a few times himself. Stay tuned!

Green Race Pic 5
CKS Squad member Stephens Brown – greasing The Notch

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