Only in Dreams Part 3: River Running

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Ty Skoe

Ah, river running. Arguably the most popular of all whitewater kayaking disciplines, river running can mean a variety of things. For some, river running is picking apart your favorite, local run, each time choosing a new, hot line. For others, it means exploring a beautiful section of river in a new region, while for others, it means just trying to make it down without getting hurt. River running is the bread and butter of kayaking. All of the gear listed is perfect for river running, but far from limited to it. So whether you’re a beater drinking booties on a weekly basis or class V gnardog who don’t need no new gear, check out CKS Online’s top gear choices for river running.

1. Dagger Axiom

  • The Dagger Axiom resembles a river runner straight out of the 90’s, but only from a distance. With a planing hull and Dagger’s super comfortable Contour Ergo outfitting, the slicy stern and colors are the only things old school about this boat.


2. Snapdragon Reinforced EXP Skirt

  • Handmade in ‘Merica, the Snapdragon Reinforced EXP Skirt is dry, easy to put on and take off, and comes in at a price even the most dirtbag kayakers can afford.


3. Immersion Research Rival SS Paddle Jacket

  • A semi drytop that is perfect for those warm, sunny Colorado days, the IR Rival SS Paddle Jacket is perfect for lapping your backyard run, shredding Big Sur (hopefully!), or splatting your way down the Numbers.


4. NRS Ninja PFD

  • The NRS Ninja PFD was originally designed as a PFD for freestyle kayakers, but has also been a favorite of river runners the last few years. It is lightweight, low-profile and comfortable.


5. AT2 Standard Paddle

  • The AT2 Standard Paddle has been a staple on the kayaking scene for years, now. Lots of other top gear options may have changed over the years, but that isn’t the case for this paddle.


6. Astral Loyak Shoes

  • The Astral Loyak Shoes may look like a street shoe, but that’s just what Astral intended. The Loyak is a multi-purpose shoe, designed to excel both on and off of the water. These can make even the most dirtbag kayakers appear somewhat presentable.


7. WRSI Trident Helmet

  • The WRSI Trident has a steezy carbon composite shell, which looks great while protecting your head. This is the perfect combo of form and function.



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  1. Larry Johnson

    The Dagger Axiom seems to be pretty cool! Would love to have that one.

    1. Ty Skoe

      You and me both. I can’t wait to paddle one!

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