Slicey River Runner Shootout!

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Written by Nic Blake

Top to Bottom: Dagger RPM, Liquid Logic Party Braaap, Dagger Axiom, Jackson Antix

It’s spring time and that means the first teases of whitewater have begun across the US. Most drainages are loaded with record snowfall and an all time season is just starting. On the tails of the Dagger RPM’s resurgence in popularity Liquid Logic, Dagger, and Jackson have all come out with modern versions of the slicey river runner. These boats have volume up front, low volume in the stern, and are designed to make river running more fun.
CKS headed out for some early season laps in the Dagger Axiom, Jackson Antix, the Liquid Logic Party Braaap, and the Dagger RPM. They were paddled on the Arkansas River Numbers section. At 300cfs the river is a playground of boofs, splats, stern squirts, and surfs. CKS has already reviewed these boats (find below) therefore this review is going to focus on the differences between the four kayaks.

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Slicey Whitewater Kayaks
From left to right: RPM, Party Braaap, Axiom, Antix. Each boat has a similar shape with volume up front and tapered tail.
Dagger RPM LL Party Braaap Dagger Axiom 8.5 Jackson Antix (M)
Length: 8′ 11″

Weight: 39 lbs.

Volume: 60 gal

Paddler Weight: 110 – 180 lbs

Length: 8′ 11″

Weight: 44 lbs

Volume: 67 gal

Paddler weight: 110 – 220 lbs.

Length: 8′ 6″

Weight: 40.5 lbs.

Volume: 63 gal

Paddler Weight: 130 – 210 lbs.

Length: 7′ 9”

Weight: 36 lbs.

Volume: 63.5 gal

Paddler Weight: 150 – 190 lbs.

Hull Design and Length:

Each of these boats are designed with a large bow and a tapered stern. They are all river running kayaks that are great for the beginner, and turn the river into a playground for the advanced kayaker.  The above specs break the boats into two categories. The Party Braaap and RPM are the longest and the fastest with displacement hulls. The Axiom and Antix are similar in volume and both have planing hulls.
The hull design has a major impact on how each boat paddles. The RPM and Party Braaap have displacement hulls and the Axiom and Antix both have planing hulls. Hull type and length had the biggest impact on how each boat paddled. The Antix and Axiom both excelled at surfing, held a line, and were snappier in and out of eddys. The Party Braaap and RPM are longer which makes them super fast and more forgiving. Otherwise the Party Braaap has the most volume and the RPM the least.

From Left to Right: Antix, Axiom, Party Braaap, RPM. Here the planing hull of the Axiom and Antix are apparent vs. the displacement hull of the Party Braaap and RPM.

LiquidLogic Party BRAAAP

The Rundown:

The Party Braaap is awesome. It is truly a quiver killer and is at home on a steep creek or making your town run more fun. Its long and fast, but is able to squirt and splat with ease. It crushes over difficult whitewater and resurfaces fast.  The liquid logic outfitting is classic and works well. It will suite the paddler looking for one boat to do it all.


  • Lots of volume makes it stable and confidence inspiring for harder whitewater.
  • The length makes it fast.
  • One boat to do it all. Party Braaap has the volume for hard whitewater and a low volume stern for playing on features.


  • Outfitting compared to the Antix and Axiom is the most basic.
  • The largest boat making it the least playful of the four designs.

Dagger Axiom

The Rundown:

The Dagger Axiom is a stellar machine. It is quick, snappy, playful, and handles every type of whitewater. It has enough volume to boof well and paddle difficult whitewater, but it is a great length and volume to be able to throw around. The planing hull makes it excel at surfing and carving. The Dagger Contour outfitting is arguably the most comfortable on the market. The Axiom is perfect for beginners and a must-have quiver item for the river enthusiast.


  • The Dagger Contour Outfitting is great. Full foam pillars, storage, leg lifters, and super bomber.
  • Well balanced with volume up front, playful stern, and plenty of room for feet and gear.
  • Surfs really well.


  • Slower than the RPM and Party Braaap.
  • Heavy for its size.

Jackson Antix

The Rundown:

The Antix is Jackson’s response to the Dagger RPM craze and it worked. The boat is really fun. The planing hull makes carving down the river a blast, the stern makes it really easy to get vertical, and the volume around the cockpit makes it resurface really well. It’s also the easiest boat to put the stern on an eddyline and pull 360s. This boat will become an instant classic for beginners, and a quiver item for every advanced paddler.


  • Resurfaces really well in difficult whitewater.
  • The boat is light weight.
  • The most playful of all the designs.


  • Very little storage
  • Slowest of the four kayaks (still faster than most creekers).

Dagger RPM

The Rundown:

The RPM is a classic. It is probably the fastest of all these designs. Partially due to its low volume it flows in the river as opposed to on the river. It makes every run more fun. Its squirts well and can cartwheel. The outfitting is outdated and it has the least amount of room for your feet. But hey, it’s the OG river runner, you can probably find one cheap, and it’s still a blast.


  • The long length, low volume, and minimal rocker make the RPM fast.
  • The low volume makes it easy to squirt or cartwheel.
  • The low rocker profile holds a line well.
  • Cheap.


  • The old outfitting is uncomfortable, has very little footroom, and leaks.
  • Low rocker makes boofing more difficult
  • Low volume makes the boat not resurface well.
Top Left: RPM, Top Right: Party Braaap, Bottom Left: Axiom, Bottom Right: Antix


Everyone should paddle a low volume stern river runner kayak. Everyone. If you are looking to have more fun on your local run, or a replacement for your old-school boat check out the Axiom and Antix. The differences between the two are minimal and it comes down to outfitting and comfort. If you’re looking for a boat that can be used as a creeker but still have fun on your backyard run the Party Braaap is the quiver killer. If you are strapped for cash get an RPM. As always, a good demo in a boat before you buy it is always best. Happy Boating!

Quick Reference Guide:

Category: RPM LiquidLogic Party Braaap Dagger Axiom Jackson Kayak Antix
Speed 5 4 4 3
Surfing 4 3 4 5
Stern squirts 4 3 4 5
Stouts 2 5 4 4
Comfort 1 3 5 5
Boof 2 5 4 4
Storage 4 4 3 2
Resurfacing 2 5 4 4
Hull Design Displacement Displacement Planing Planing

* This is a comparison between these 4 boats only. 1 = Poor : 5 = Excellent

Left: Antix, Right: Axiom. A comparison of the two sterns and planing hulls. Very similar hull design.

4 thoughts on “Slicey River Runner Shootout!

  1. Tim Layzell

    I received my Antix from CKS a couple weeks ago and I love it. I prefer the shorter length and planning hull over the other boats. It may be slightly slower but the maneuverability is epic. If you like surfing this thing is king. It may struggle in short holes where the rockstar thrives but it will catch waves on the fly like a boss. It definitely spices up the local run that you have done way too much by offering new lines and new waves to play on. I have a large and it did take a few sessions to adjust (from the rockstar) but I quickly found that I could squirt it fairly easily on a medium to brisk eddy line. If I could only have one boat this would be it but what is the fun in that.

  2. Tom P

    Interesting that the 20 year old Dagger Redline is not mentioned in this article. That was their modernized planning hull version of the RPM that never “took off”. I think it was eclipsed by the Necky Jive that it was inspired by. I borrowed Redline for a short while and it was ok but for some od reason it felt like it had a high center of gravity if I remember correctly. Speaking of outdated outfitting and comfort too bad the Jive was such a squeeze for the un-small otherwise maybe that would become a retro cult classic. But man did the Jive surf well. Too bad they don’t take that exact hull and raise the deck a tad like modern boats.

  3. Tom P

    Wait…. I was re-reading this and the test was done on a river with 300 cfs? Is that a typo and you ment 3000 cfs? I think for a test of a playful all around river runner especially where you are talking about the ability to resurface and surf you need to test them on bigger water than 300 cfs.

  4. Mervin Gottlieb

    This is a very helpful article for all the beginner. I love traveling and fishing. I go many of the tourist zones specially the sea beach area. their most of the people love kayaking fishing and also for enjoying. That’s why I am interested and looking for a kayak from few days. I am totally unknown about the kayak, in my budget which one is best I could not recognize it. But here I find and get the information which I want to know. I musty like the Dagger Axiom 8.5. It’s amazing. I think it will suitable for me.

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