Pyranha 9R Test Drive – By Andre Spino-Smith

The Pyranha Kayaks 9R was first introduced in Spring of 2015. At an even 9 feet, the 9R was designed as a race boat for short boat divisions, but is far from just that; it's a race boat that loves to creek, river run, boof, plug holes, and carve with the best of them. The 9R is narrow and has a lower knee profile than most boats, which helps improve boat control. With a planing hull and soft edges, the 9R handles and maneuvers like a sports car, but the soft edges make it forgiving as well. The 9R has an extreme rocker profile and wave deflectors on the bow, both of which help keep the bow up and propel paddlers away from hydraulics. The 9R was intended to be a race kayak, but also a boat that can help paddlers progress to the next level.

Pyranha 9R Kayak Features:

  • Continuous, Extreme Rocker Profile
  • Slight Edge
  • Wave Deflectors
  • Narrow Profile for speed
  • Aluminum Grab Handles