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Victoria Ohegyi

Bow candy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We all wanna take breaks from rowing, right? Here’s what any boat rider will need for maximum comfort.

gift guide paddlers bow candy
gift guide paddlers bow candy

Just because you’re on the river doesn’t mean you should have to sit on a hard surface all day. The Paco Pad over the drybox/cooler combo is tried and tested. Don’t stray from convention on this one, folks!

gift guide paddlers bow candy

Our best-selling entry-level helmet does not have stylish bells and whistles, but it will keep any bow flower’s head safe from rocks during times of (wanted or unwanted) windowshades or dump trucks.

gift guide paddlers bow candy

Suns out, silks out! Silkweight hoodies dry quickly and are way less greasy than sunscreen – and, believe us, you really don’t want a boat passenger with greasy hands (how are they gonna open your beer for you?!)

gift guide paddlers bow candy

Doesn’t matter if you are paddling hard or sitting pretty -– polarized sunglasses are a must on the water. They won’t prevent giardia, but they will help you see features downriver.

gift guide paddlers bow candy

Ah, the list that didn’t make the final list. Here’s what we brainstormed and came up with:

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