Gifts for Women 2019

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gifts for women paddlers
Victoria Ohegyi

Check out our gift guide for lady paddlers and shop the best gifts for her this holiday.

gifts for women paddlers
gifts for women paddlers

It’s the stoutest creeker a smaller person can paddle! The Machno boofs like a dream, won’t strain shoulders while rolling, and skips out of holes nicely, even for light paddlers.

The Layla was cut with a women’s specific silhouette and will fit snugly but not squeeze uncomfortably. Its zipper closure makes this no-frills PFD very easy to put on and take off. Plus, the front pocket gives you easy access to extra sunscreen or chapstick.

gifts for women paddlers

Because, contrary to what your friends told you in the early 2000s, excessive exposure to the sun isn’t the best thing for your skin.

gifts for women paddlers

If you’re carrying rope, you need a knife. The sheath fits perfectly into PFD attachment points and securely covers the knife’s sharp edges, giving any paddler the confidence to quickly access this rescue essential while on the river.

Ah, the list that didn’t make the final list. Here’s what we brainstormed and came up with:

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