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Jake Castle

Sweet Protection is a leader in helmet and protective equipment design. Their gear represents some of the highest-quality manufacturing out there for biking, paddling, and snowsports. Sweet made its debut into paddlesports in 1997 with a carbon fiber helmet design that was unlike anything else paddlers had ever seen. That helmet became the “Strutter” in 2001 and has solidified itself as a staple in the world of whitewater kayaking. Originally from Norway, this company prides itself on making gear that is… well… Sweet!

For people looking for a solid all-around playboating and river running helmet, the Sweet Wanderer helmet is ideal for you. This helmet features a sturdy construction, fairly low weight and low profile, and the adjustable Occigrip retention system.

The Sweet Protection Rocker Halfcut is a beefed-up helmet meant for river running and creeking. It features a removable visor, removable earpads, and more head coverage over the Wanderer. It’ll keep you protected in pretty much any situation up to where you would need to wear a fullface helmet. The Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface has you covered there!

The Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet is a stylish & lightweight helmet popular among rafters and playboaters, due to the long brim and baseball-cap-like feel. This helmet feels fairly minimal and form-fitting vs other helmets that use lots of padding to achieve a tight fit. 

Need to armor up before heading out on a bony run? The Sweet Protection Elbow Guards provide a lower-coverage pad that promotes better movement or the Sweet Protection Elbow Pads feature a full-coverage and superior shock-absorbing pad. Stand-Up Paddleboarders will really enjoy the Sweet Protection Knee Shin Pads because they stay in place effectively if you take a swim, especially times when you most need them, like surfing, where you fall off the board and swim aggressively for eddies frequently. 

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