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Gifts for Bow Candy

November 21, 2019
Everyone loves taking a break from rowing. Look good sitting at the bow of a boat with the following gifts including sun protecting layers, dry bags and cases, and more.
gifts for women paddlers

Gifts for Women 2019

November 20, 2019
Check out our gift guide for lady paddlers and shop the best gifts for her this holiday.
cks gift guide rafters

Gifts for Rafters 2019

November 19, 2019
Looking for Holiday gift inspirations? We’ve rounded up the top 4 things rafters want this year.
gift guide paddleboarders

Gifts for Paddleboarders 2019

November 17, 2019
The guide to gift-giving greatness for all things SUP related. These gifts are bound to make any whitewater or flatwater paddleboarder smile.
beginner paddlers

Gifts for Beginner Paddlers 2019

November 15, 2019
Four gift ideas you haven’t thought of yet…plus honorable mentions!
gifts for seasoned kayakers

Gifts for Seasoned Kayakers 2019

November 12, 2019
Don’t know what to give? No worries. CKS Online has curated the best gift guide for the experienced or seasoned kayaker in your life. This is your cant-miss guide to giving the perfect paddling present.
Moose River Agar Falls CKSO

What you need to know about Moose Fest

October 18, 2019
Update from Moose Fest 2019: Alert! This massive tree has been swept below Folwerville Falls and into the Bottom Moose. We have no idea where it is. Local Boater knowledge says it’ll probably get stuck above or below funnel, but this could be extremely dangerous in any number of places. Yet another reason to use… View Article
North Nahanni CKS

The North Nahanni

October 16, 2019
Blog written by Matthew Klema #teambeer “The North Nahanni? That should be a nice float trip, are you bringing sea kayaks?” This exemplified the reaction upon informing other kayakers that we were headed to this river. Given that this is a significant drainage, in a large mountain range just outside a UNESCO World Heritage site… View Article

In Defense of Bootie Beers

October 5, 2019
One of the first things I learned about whitewater kayaking culture when I started to get into the sport 5 years ago was that if you swim on the river, tradition compels you to drink a beer out of your bootie/paddling shoe (or your primary rescuer’s bootie, depending on the crew and the amount of… View Article
CR Amazing Vacations

Costa Rica Winter Paddling Paradise Vacation Giveaway

October 4, 2019
Because we love our customers we want to send one lucky kayaker on a dream vacation this winter.  Our friends at Amazing Vacations Costa Rica have teamed up with us to bring one lucky person an incredible winter paddling experience in the warm rivers of Costa Rica.  CKS has partnered with Amazing Vacations Costa Rica… View Article