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colorado kayak online high water 2019

Heads Up, Colorado: HIGH WATER ALERT!

June 7, 2019
As many of us have been struggling with paddle fever as the snow continues to pile up, the general consensus has been: “it’s all gotta melt some time… and when it does, look out because it’s gonna be big!” Well, my friends, that time is finally upon us! Take a little looksy over at your… View Article

Go Big or Go Home

May 7, 2019
Check out our top picks for 2019’s big water season
CKSonline Immersion Research Handwarmer

Are Your Hands Staying Dry in this Year’s Big, Cold Water?

May 2, 2019
Review of Immersion Research’s Microwave Handwarmer Pogies. Pros and Cons listed by whitewater experts.