Free Snap Dragon Spray Skirt with new Whitewater Kayaks

Snap Dragon Spray Skirts

July 3, 2019
A Repost from 2013 Helmet. Check. PFD. Check. Paddle. Check. Boat. Check. Hmmm what am I missing… Spray Decks…Probably one of the dullest items to talk about in kayaking, yet, possibly the most essential additional piece besides the kayak itself. Spray decks, no matter how durable they are to begin with, eventually wear out… View Article

Cataract Canyon: a Kayaker’s Perspective

February 3, 2017
By Nick Gottlieb When John Wesley Powell led his exploratory trip down the Green and Colorado rivers in 1869, every member of his party reported passing the most “terrible” rapids just about every time they went through a canyon. From their first major portage at Ashley Falls in the Green River’s Flaming Gorge (later called… View Article

Thank you Down River Equipment

August 12, 2011
When you need the best equipment… Choose CKS. Down River Equipment of Denver just held the coolest demo for CKS staff of the season.  Down River provided an overnight raft trip on Browns Canyon supplying food and beverages. “Camping with Down River I felt like we were in an outdoor product magazine ad.  We kind of… View Article

A new type of watersports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado.

June 28, 2011
A new type of water-sports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado. The Whitewater Tube Company was founded by three Colorado University students in 2005 as an inner tube rental and sales shop. WTC grew from being setup seasonally in a canopy tent on the front lawn of a private school, to being a full service water… View Article

FiBARK Hooligan Photos

June 20, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS. Hooliganism refers to unruly, destructive, aggressive and bullying behaviour. Such behaviour is commonly associated with sports fans. The term can also apply to general rowdy behaviour and vandalism, often under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.  (According to Wikipedia) For those of you who have not experienced the FiBARK Hooligans race here’s a short… View Article