Astral Rassler Review

July 26, 2016
The Astral Rassler is the best creek boating shoe on the market. There, I said it. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me explain my point. Until recently, I have worn the Astral Brewers. The Brewers are a great, versatile shoe. They can be worn on the trail, on the water,… View Article

Devil’s Club Dry Suit In-Depth Review

April 26, 2016
The Immersion Research Devil’s Club Dry Suit is all new for 2016. IR has a well-earned reputation as a company that is “by kayakers, for kayakers,” and it is evident when it comes to the Devil’s Club Dry Suit. IR saw the need for a suit that was warm, breathable, and durable enough to stand… View Article

Kokatat Idol Drysuit Review

March 21, 2015
KOKATAT IDOL DRY SUIT REVIEW –  INITIAL IMPRESSIONS Words like innovative, revolutionary, and one-of-a-kind get thrown around so much in today’s industry that it’s hard to believe it when a new piece of gear is listed as ingenious, inventive, or original. Insert the Kokatat Idol drysuit, and you truly have a revolutionary, innovative, and one-of-a-kind… View Article

The Chronicles of Kyle Smith And His Kokatat GMER

December 11, 2014
KOKATAT GMER DRY SUIT AND WOOL CORE REVIEW BY KYLE SMITH Kyle’s already done a Kokatat GMER review for us. Since the weather is cooling off, we figured that it was time for another review on this legendary piece of gear. This guys has put his dry suit through more abuse than just about any… View Article


February 6, 2014
Kokatat Icon Limited Edition Dry Suit (GORE TEX) Review – From The Perspective Of A Grand Canyon Solo Self Support Paddler Josh is a customer of CKS. He initially gave us a call asking which Kokatat GORE TEX dry suit would be best for a Grand Canyon solo self support trip? Would a front zip… View Article

The Immersion Research Union Suit: A Great Way To Make Your Dry Suit Even Warmer

December 9, 2013
The Immersion Research Union Suit Snow is falling in the High Rockies which means if you want to still go paddling you are going to need the right cold weather gear. The Immersion Research Union Suit is a go to base layer for cold water paddling. If you have a dry suit a union suit… View Article

Kokatat GMER Long Term Review – Kyle Smith

January 28, 2013
Best dry suit on the planet? You be the judge…

NRS Freestyle Wetshoe Review

January 17, 2013
Vapor Loft makes it’s way to river shoes!


December 28, 2012
20% off Sweet Protection GORE TEX Pro Shell

Astral Brewer Long Term Review – By Aaron Koch

December 15, 2012
The Astral Brewer’s are STICKY!