Winter Grand Canyon

October 23, 2016
It’s day 4 of our marathon sprint 7 day trip.  Ice has been forming on my gear all day long, a stiff headwind is stinging my face and it is 6pm and dark, we have been paddling for 9 hours.  Strangely I’m enjoying myself, I feel fine with paddling for a few more hours, I’ve… View Article

Gauley Fest: I Think We Did it Right

December 2, 2015
For those of us who live in places without year round paddling, September generally marks the end of the paddling season. Here in Colorado, the water slowly starts to dry up and kayakers are left with a tough decision. “Do I head south and chase whitewater or stay here, prep for ski season and chase… View Article


November 16, 2015
1. Vallecito Creek (Class V-V+, near Durango) In my few years of kayaking in Colorado, there is not a better run in the state. Vallecito has it all. It is a beautiful, remote, wilderness gorge, complete with a 1 mile hike in, a 17 footer, beautiful geology and water as blue as the sky. The… View Article


September 15, 2015
All of this Gauley Fest talk has us spending time on Google, searching for the best old school vids that contain spicy yet nostalgic South Eastern creeking footage…We were in a tie between nerve wracking Birthday Eddie action (Green River class V eddie catching at it’s finest), or the legendary Buck Fever (which we have… View Article

A Peak at Deer Creek

April 29, 2013
These days there is a very cool phenomenon that happens around the kayaking scene every weekend.  You get a text from one or two of your paddling bros, you make plans, show up at the put in, and without fail there will be 6-10 other bros that just happen to be there at the same… View Article

The Upper Wind Race: 2013 Edition

March 22, 2013
Last weekend marked the start of festival season in the Pacific Northwest. The Upper Wind Race features a mass start format and consisted of around 50 competitors this year, with several divisions. I competed in the Mens K1 division. There was also a Womens K1 class, a long boat class, and a r2 class. The… View Article

A solid crew

February 24, 2013
I think when moving to a new place, many people wonder where and how they will make new friends.  Who am I going to watch the Sunday game with?  What will I do for happy hour?  Am I only going to meet people I work with?  For me, almost every weekend now I find myself… View Article

New Beginnings in Seattle

January 28, 2013
So as I mentioned in my last post, in the last 6 months I moved from my home in Colorado to Seattle, had my first kid then started a new job 2 days later…. oh yeah and I have a 90 lb 10 month old puppy.  So there have been a few minor changes in… View Article

Better late then never!

January 21, 2013
I want to start 2013 off by rewinding about 1 year. The last year has been pretty hectic for me to say the least.  There was no snow in Colorado, then I moved out of state (more on that in my next post), then I had my first kid and and 2 days later started… View Article

Beauties, bootie beers, boofs and bros – the SE Wrap-up

December 4, 2012
It’s been one hellva great year and change.  True, I didn’t complete my Southeast tick-list, but a lot of it got ticked.  And I still have a CO tick-list after 13 years of boating.  I guess I just never will get enough paddling done.  Well, I just wanted to post some of my favorite shots… View Article