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steph cks online gform kneepads

Why Steph Loves G-Form

August 12, 2019
Stephanie Kasun, of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is a true go-getter. In the late summer and early fall, she hammering the uphills on Emerald Mountain and bombing, at full speed, back downtown. In the winter, she’s fully immersed in the white room. Whether it’s waking up at 6:30 am to be the first making turns in… View Article
nrs hydroskin cksonline

Why is NRS hydroskin the best wetsuit out there?

August 9, 2019
The features of hydroskin are the most advanced of any wetsuit I’ve come across. Hydroskin isn’t neoprene at all, in fact it’s not even oil-based like all other wetsuits. Hydroskin is made of a material developed by NRS called “Terraprene.” This is going to sound crazy, but it actually is made of limestone! Terraprene is thinner by a longshot than a traditional neoprene suit; a 4/3mm thickness neoprene suit is fairly equivalent to the 0.5mm Hydroskin. Give hydroskin a stretch, and you’ll see it shining back at you.
CKS Online Women Astral YTV PFD

Hugh Jawata Year: Astral YTV PFD Review

July 30, 2019
I participated in rigorous guide training this year, flipping my raft in rapids on purpose, as many as 8 times in one day. The exhaustion of swimming and the extra stuff on my chest was just too much when trying to pull myself back in. That’s when I took a step back and started debating what I really needed. Did I really need all this stuff in my pockets? How often am I really going to be the one live bait v-lowered in a rescue scenario? As a kayaker last season, I witnessed a tow tether connected to a swamped creek boat wrap on a bridge pylon and the rescue belt not release when the kayaker towing the unmanned boat started to sink under the water. Is that how I want to practice rescues anyway? Do I HAVE to have a quick-release belt?
Sea to Summit Dry Bags for any adventure

Sea To Summit Dry Bags For All Of Your River Adventures

July 22, 2019
What’s the ONE item you won’t hit the river or lake without? No matter what your next river adventure beholds, don’t forget to bring pack your favorite dry bag or dry bags. Especially convenient is Sea to Summit’s 1-Litre Dry Bag, guaranteed to fit your most precious cargo – your cell phone! We can’t imagine… View Article
Free Snap Dragon Spray Skirt with new Whitewater Kayaks

Snap Dragon Spray Skirts

July 3, 2019
A Repost from 2013 http://cksblog.com/2013/04/kyle-smith-reviews-the-snapdragon-armortex-exp-sprayskirt/ Helmet. Check. PFD. Check. Paddle. Check. Boat. Check. Hmmm what am I missing… Spray Decks…Probably one of the dullest items to talk about in kayaking, yet, possibly the most essential additional piece besides the kayak itself. Spray decks, no matter how durable they are to begin with, eventually wear out… View Article

HEAD TO HEAD: Zeta vs. Strutter Helmets

July 1, 2019
All in all, these are both fantastic class I-IV helmets. They are top of the line in safety for their coverage and made by renowned companies. Choosing between them comes down to your style and head shape. A rounder head should go with the Zeta and a narrow head should go with the Strutter. Don’t forget to let your style make the decision for you because it’s really all about looking good on the river.
CKS Online Jackson Zen

2018 Jackson Zen 2.0 Review

June 12, 2019
For the “casual kayaker” the Zen was forgiving and comfortable right from the start due to it’s user-friendly outfitting. Also, due to the lack of holes in the boat construction, it’s dry as a bone. We love the roll-ability of the Zen’s rounded design.
colorado kayak online high water 2019

Heads Up, Colorado: HIGH WATER ALERT!

June 7, 2019
As many of us have been struggling with paddle fever as the snow continues to pile up, the general consensus has been: “it’s all gotta melt some time… and when it does, look out because it’s gonna be big!” Well, my friends, that time is finally upon us! Take a little looksy over at your… View Article

Go Big or Go Home

May 7, 2019
Check out our top picks for 2019’s big water season
CKSonline Immersion Research Handwarmer

Are Your Hands Staying Dry in this Year’s Big, Cold Water?

May 2, 2019
Review of Immersion Research’s Microwave Handwarmer Pogies. Pros and Cons listed by whitewater experts.