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Cyrstal Creeking – A high Water Event – North Fork of the Crystal and Crystal Mill Falls

June 5, 2007
Thanks to all the photographers who contributed photos to this post: Chris Larsen, Steve Melnick, Nicole Mansfield, Chris Menges.This was a high water session on the North Fork of the Crystal event during the first weekend in June. Flows on the Avalanche gauge showed that our runs were done at 1300 (Saturday night) and 1000… View Article

Stupid is as Stupid Falls….

May 30, 2007
As CRC2 mentions the Upper East is all about WATERFALLS. Well, maybe not so much but it certainly has one big one that will get your attention … Big Stupid. On a recent trip back to the Colorado homeland I had the opportunity to paddle with Kiwi Lawrence Simpson and Caliproduct homeboy Paul Gamache on… View Article

~~~~~~~~~~Superior Creekin~~~~~~~~~

May 24, 2007
(Mark Hattendorf on Conglomerate Falls, Black River) Well, this year was a bust for me with the exception of one weekend hitting up the south shore of lake superior. For those who haven’t traveled up to this area…..I highly suggest it! You should also check out the “late, great, paddling legend of the Northwood” Jim… View Article

Cim Cim Cimarron

May 23, 2007
Well after a great couple of days at Paddlefest the crew loaded up and headed towards the Big Cimarron outside of Gunnison, CO. After somewhat of an epic 4×4 shuttle setup we decided not to push our luck further and hit up the lower Cimarron for some evening action. The lower Cim flows into the… View Article

North Fork of the South Arkansas

May 20, 2007
photos by Nicole Mansfield The North Fork of the South Arkansas is a small tributary creek 15mins outside of Salida, CO. Due to its short window and steep, woody character these drops are rarely run. It is estimated that the first descent of this creek occurred in the mid 90’s. The main drop- two tiered… View Article

Embudo Teaser Take Two

May 3, 2007
Well after Chris’s masterful description there’s not much more to say, so I thought I would post some more eye candy from the past weekend to make getting through Friday’s TPS reports that much harder. Word is the Embudo will be rocking this weekend and a guaranteed good time. If you go have fun, eat… View Article

Rio Embudo with CKS Squad and Staff Members

May 2, 2007
Photos by Tim Kelton and Chris Menges. New Mexico Trip! First Creekboating of the season! Embudo! During the last weekend of April a group of CKS staff and squad members met up for a couple or runs down New Mexico’s Rio Embudo. Our sizable group included local NM paddlers Atom Crawford and Tim Kelton, Ft…. View Article

Kayaks + Hill + Snow + Kickrer = CARNAGE!

April 19, 2007
Welcome to the 2nd annual Monarch Boatercross! No need to hike up the course, all competitors get sled rides up to the top! Things started out nice and mellow in the prelims…. The bottom run out of the course was supposed to be a POND SKIM. Unfortunately, one of the crew members punctured a hole… View Article

Sleeping Beauty

April 16, 2007
New Mexico has been hit by a late Spring cold spell. Lots of new snow in the mountains. All the creeks started dropping, so everybody dusted off their playboats and hit the local feature called “Sleeping Beauty”. It is awesome when the flows are 550cfs to 900cfs. This was at about 650cfs. Photos by Atom……. View Article

April 4, 2007
Meet the CKS Squad Part 3: Nicole Mansfield This is Part 3 of a Series of posts that introduces the members of the 2007 CKS Squad. Included in each section is the squad member’s Bio and a brief photographic Trip Report of their Top 3 days on the river during the 2006 season. Today we… View Article