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Records being set in the NW

November 17, 2006
Not much to say and not much time to say it in, but thought I would put up a quick update. Its been quite wet up here in the NW as of lately. After a beautiful and sunny October, November came in with the beautiful high pressure and some of the driest air on record… View Article

It may not be kayaking, but its close!

Today the water might have been frozen, but the jibs in the tree were off the hook. Waking up early to cut apart a burn and a m3 to make a sled to transport our 16 foot rail up to the high country. After a gruling snowmobile ride to the rail already set up we… View Article

Something south for everyone

November 14, 2006
This is the time of year that folks start digging out the ski gear. It is starting to get cold and the local rivers and creeks have started to go into hibernation. A few runs like Gore, baileys, shoshone and the upper box are still flowing, but ski mode is in the air. When this… View Article

Don Earl’s Day Off

November 13, 2006
So, it is November in the Colorado high country and winter should be here, any day……. right? Well last week it was 70 F. and no clouds and no wind and no snow to ski on. I planned to work all day till 2 friends, John and Joel called to go paddle. It took me… View Article

Joe sez Happy Veterans Day!

November 11, 2006
Happy Veterans Day. It’s definitely a bit slow in good ‘ole Buena Vista, CO this time of year. While we are anxiously awaiting the opening of Monarch Mountain, our local ski area, we have still been getting on the river. Last week we were able to get in a cold weather run on Bailey (scouting… View Article

Black Canyon Rangers

November 5, 2006
Keith Kirschner at the 18 footer photo: Chris Menes This is not your ordinary blog post about some river that some paddler ran one day and took some photos of it. Instead it’s a compilation of photos, video, and memories of one of the best runs in the world: the Black Canyon of Gunnison. Those… View Article

Durango, Colorado Fall Creeking-October 10-13 2006

October 18, 2006
It’s been a great season for Colorado kayaking! A majority of the State enjoyed great flows BUT the southwestern corner suffered due to an extremely low snowpack. Luckily, the Durango area got a little redemption in the form of a 7,000 cfs mid-October flow on the Animas. Paddlers from around the state enjoyed great playboating… View Article