First Look: 2016 Astral Green Jacket

The Astral Green Jacket is built specifically for river rescue situations.  Worn by many of the world's top paddlers, the Green Jacket has a solid reputation. The large clamshell pocket provides enough space for paddling essentials, such as a pin kit or energy bars. The Freestyle tectonic front panel allows the jacket to move and conform with the paddler's body, as does the 3 piece foam construction used on both the front and back panels. A fleece handwarmer and storage pockets on the back panel are extra built in features. The Green Jacket was designed with safety in mind and provides extra shoulder padding, rescue hardware and durable construction that paddlers can always count on. SKU#: 10844 *New 2016 Colors available late-February - pre-order today!
  • Reinforced shoulders provide 1,100 lbs strength
  • Foam Tectonics allow the outer front panel to move freely, while the inner panel stays in place
  • Comfortable for both men and women
  • Large clamshell front pocket has multiple compartments
  • Zippered side pockets for Web-tow storage
  • Quick release rescuer’s harness
  • Spectra safety loop
  • Pullover entry
  • Rope ready storage pocket
  • Enhanced Floatation for upper back and rib protection
  • 16.4 lbs buoyancy