2016 Large Jackson Kayak Zen Review – A Class IV Perspective

The Jackson Kayak Zen is the river-running and creeking kayak that a any whitewater kayaker needs in their quiver. The redesigned Zen runs dry with ample bow rocker, rolls like a dream with flared sidewalls and the other special JK ingredients that make up a great rolling boat. It has a super fast hull that seems to float over the water and be impervious to boils, and other currents that try to take you off line, while it sits nice and stable on the water making it a teacher’s dream boat for students learning to paddle. SKU#:10128
  • Easy to roll
  • Stable for beginners
  • Defined edges and balanced rocker makes it an excellent boat for expert paddlers
  • Fast, great for creek boat races
  • Lightweight
  • Super dry design
    Zen Length Width Height Weight Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Paddler Weight Volume IR Skirt
    Small 8′ 2″ 24″ 13.5″ 38.5 lbs 32.5″ 19.25″ 90-140 lbs 60 gal Large
    Medium 8′ 6″ 26″ 14.5″ 43 lbs 34.5″ 20.25″ 130-180 lbs 78 gal Large
    Large 9′ 27′ 15.5″ 48 lbs 35.5″ 21.25″ 170-250 lbs 89.5 gal XL