Female tours with uber-testosterone Demshitz. Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination.

June 21, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS What’s it like for a female touring with uber-testosterone Demshitz?  Meet Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination. Pyranha reps Nicole Mansfield and Dave Fusilli worked hard saving for their annual waterfall adventure in Pucón, Chile.  Nicole had targeted the destination 70’ Middle Palguin cascade as a must run.  As their month… View Article

Liquid Logic Remix XP9 vs. The Pyranha Fusion – Escalante River 2011 Catch it if you can!

June 10, 2011
Liquid Logic Remix XP9 vs. The Pyranha Fusion Kayak Review Pyranha Fusion A few pro’s about the fusion: Had great speed down river and in the flat water alike, the stern had great volume allowing for maximum gear storage. The fusion handled really well maneuvering quickly and responsively to what I needed it to do…. View Article

Teva Mountain Games- Adriene Levknecht Dominates “Superbowl of Kayaking”

June 3, 2011
Directions to CKS Why Superbowl of Kayaking? It was the media.  A zip line camera with gyro was filming a 200 m up and down the river span. Reporters lobbied for position on the loose banks nestled into boulder pockets.  Shooting for Colorado Kayak Supply I shared a rock with a filmer for Outside Mag. … View Article

What happens when you cross a slalom kayaker with Demshitz? Meet Isaac Levinson.

June 1, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS. Who is Isaac Levinson? If you don’t know who Isaac Levinson is then allow me to introduce you.  This past November Isaac claimed the gold medal in short boat and silver medal in longboat classes of the prestigious Green River Race.  Isaac has also made his presence known in the… View Article

Exclusive Interview with The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak Designer Drew Gregory

April 28, 2011
Drew Gregory Reviews The Jackson Coosa Jackson kayak just unveiled their latest creation, The Coosa. It’s intended use is kayak fishing, and also a general recreational sit on top kayak. Jackson’s known for making user friendly, high quality and reasonably priced boats. The Coosa definitely fits into all of these categories. Drew Gregory is the… View Article

Jackson Journey Review and Trip Report by Joe Keck

April 13, 2011
Jackson Journey Review by Joe Keck Ahhh, yes, spring is just around the corner and with spring comes my favorite type of kayaking – creekboating! However, most serious paddlers will agree that even in the dead of winter when creeks are not running, it is mandatory to get out and enjoy the river anyway. This… View Article

Pyranha Fusion Review with Kyle McCutchen and Tina Swan

April 6, 2010
Pyranha Fusion River Touring Kayak Review We decided to add a pair of Pyranha Fusions to our family of kayaks this spring. Kyle and I had our test run in Arizona down Eagle Creek into the Gila River for a 2 night self support kayak trip. It was a class III+ run with some class… View Article

Grand Canyon Mojo. TR by Ted Keyes.

January 22, 2010
Grand Canyon Mojo No river trip is the same, and you’re never the same after any river trip. Getting on a Grand Canyon River Trip is always something special. Grand trips are so many things. There’s the big water challenge, but each rapid has a moderate and easy line and can be portaged easily in… View Article

The Dagger Axis 10.5 and 12 All Water Adventure Kayak

January 11, 2010
The Dagger Axis All Water Adventure Kayak Hybrid Boats are gaining popularity, due to the versatility that they offer. The Dagger Axis is no exception. This boat is geared towards the recreational paddler, who is looking for a kayak that will allow them to paddle on flat-water as well as moving water and streams. Like… View Article

Nicole Mansfield Reviews The Pyranha Fusion River Touring Kayak

October 30, 2009
Pyranha Fusion Kayak Review As the name would suggest, the Pyranha Fusion is a versatile kayak that successfully merged the capabilities of a flatwater touring boat with that of a whitewater river running boat. Recently Pyranha added a Small Fusion to this fleet of versatile kayaks. The Small Fusion is perfect for anyone; man, woman,… View Article