JK Hero White Water Kayak Review With Boyd Ruppelt

February 25, 2009
Jackson Kayak Hero Kayak Review with Boyd Ruppelt Note: Is this review biased because it was written by a Team JK athelete? Of course! Is it factual, full of quality information and entertaining? You betchya’! Intro – The first date: In the past, Jackson Kayak’s river runner had been more geared toward playboating, but this… View Article

Jackson Kayak Fun Series White Water Kayak Review

February 20, 2009
Jackson Fun Series Kayak Review When the original Fun series was designed by Jackson Kayak in 2004 the goal was to make the most comfortable, easiest to roll, river running play boat available. The success of that model was based on achieving those goals. In 2007 we set out to improve that model and many… View Article

Jackson Kayak Little Hero Review with Emily Jackson

January 16, 2009
Jackson Kayak Little Hero Review with Emily Jackson The New Jackson Little Hero is expected to hit the water sometime very soon. Here are some words from someone who has paddled the boat quite a bit….Emily Jackson: Specs: Length:7’1″ Width:24″ Height:14″ Weight:34lbs. Size:90-150 lbs. I am in love with my Hero and I paddled it… View Article

2009 Wave Sport Project 54Cx Whitewater Kayak Review

January 15, 2009
Wave Sport Project 54Cx Whitewater kayak Review The 2009 Wave Sport Project 54Cx has been getting plenty of attention recently, in fact it’s almost controversial. Does the sport of whitewater kayaking really need a $2500 composite freestyle boat? Will it help you to become a better paddler? For the right person, the answer is hell… View Article

2009 Dagger Nomad Whitewater Kayak Review

January 9, 2009
Dagger Nomad 8.1 and 8.5 Whitewater Kayak Review By Corey Volt and CKS Update: Check out this new POV Helmet cam action of The Nomad on Escalante Creek. The camera resolution is incredible and the lens doesn’t even get wet. Sick video. POV camera on Escalante Creek. 20 miles south of Grand Junction, Colorado from… View Article

Wavesport 2009 Diesel Whitewater Kayak Review

December 3, 2008
2009 WaveSport Diesel 70 The original Diesel 65 and 75 defined the term ‘river runner‘ when they were released back in 2005. The designs were so solid that Team Wave Sport and countless others used the Diesels as their go-to big water AND creekers for years. Their combination of forgiveness, maneuverability, and bomber outfitting made… View Article

Pyranha Z.One Whitewater Kayak Review

November 12, 2008
Pyranha Z.One Whitewater Kayak Review Pyranha seem’s to have been pretty busy this past year designing new boats. The Karnali and the Z.one are two notable designs that should be very popular. The Z.one is a recreation of the InaZone, which was one of the first (and best) free running kayaks of all time (in… View Article

Dagger Green Boat Review

The Dagger Green Boat Review From Saluda(NC) to Salida(CO), the Dagger Green Boat has gotten the attention of kayakers of all ability levels. At 11’9″ long and nearly 95 gallons, this beast of a boat fits the bill for a number applications. Creek boating, river running, expedition paddling, attainment practice and flatwater paddling are all… View Article

The Jackson Mega Rocker

November 11, 2008
Jackson Mega Rocker Kayak Review Before I begin my bias is as follows: I’m a firm believer that it’s the paddler and not the boat that makes the difference. With that being said certain boats will perform better in different situations than others depending on their design. The boat specs; Mega Rocker Length 8′ 6″… View Article

2009 Pyranha Karnali Whitewater Kayak Review

October 16, 2008
Besides being the largest (750,000cfs at flood stage, 20 times larger than the Grand Canyon at full flood), longest river in Nepal, as well as the epicenter of the Buddhist Universe, the Karnali is also a newly designed, well rounded (no pun intended) river runner made by Pyranha. It’s lineage comes from the Burn family,… View Article