Wave Sport Fuse 48 – 56 – 64 Review

October 10, 2008
WaveSport Fuse Whitewater kayak Review It seems like most action sports have made the transition into the world of freeride (hybrid) gear development. All mountain skis, snowboards and mountain bikes have been gaining popularity because they appeal to more than one market. You can float over your secret powder stash in the morning, and then… View Article

Liquid Logic Remix XP10

September 11, 2008
The Liquid Logic Remix XP series (10 and 12….feet long) is new for 2009. It is a TRUE multi-purpose whitewater /recreational kayak that is much needed in the consumer industry. Liquid Logic basically took a Remix, and made it longer and wider. It also has a cargo hatch (“backcess” hatch) on the back, a skeg… View Article

Jackson All Star Photos From Summer 2008

August 8, 2008
Photos are coming in from this spring in Colorado. When you mix together 3000 + CFS on the Arkansas River, four of the best paddlers in the world, and a few Jackson All Stars this is what you get: These guys could all get 3 feet of air blunting a plastic sea kayak in a… View Article

Jackson All Star Review – Mike Harvey

August 2, 2008
I have been paddling the All Star since the 05′ season. It was the first playboat that combined comfort/pop/and slice into one package. In other words, in the past I had always sacrificed more pop for a boat that was hard to throw around, or a boat that I could huck easily in flat water… View Article

Earl Richmond Jackson All Star Review

July 27, 2008
I am a long time, but part time, play boater that enjoys time spent at the Buena Vista Whitewater Park . I have been in almost every play boat designed in the past 10 years and have seen the design changes come and go. Last year, I ended up in the Jackson Star, the small… View Article

Liquid Logic Remix

http://coloradokayak.blogspot.com/2008/07/conors-review-of-remix.html CKS Squad review of the Liquid Logic Remix 79 Customers at CKS have been asking lately about the new Liquid Logic Remix river runner. I usually assure them that it floats on water, which is pretty much the industry standard, but sometimes they have more specific questions. Does it punch holes? Yes. Does it… View Article

Pyranha Burn

The Specs: Small: Length cm / ft Width cm / ft Volume Litres / US Gal. External Cockpit Length cm / ft External Cockpit Width cm / ft Weight kg / lbs Suggested optimum load weight range (inc. paddler) 238cm 7′ 9” 64cm 25” 238 / 63 93.5cm / 36 3/4″ 48.5cm / 19.5″ 17kgs… View Article

Pyranha Ammo

A Flat planing hull, hard chines, lots of rocker and creek boat type volume sums up the Pyranha Ammo. This 4×4 kayak comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) making it a appealing to paddlers of all sizes. A few CKS staff members paddle the Ammo. Novice and intermediate staff note that this boat… View Article

Liquid Logic Jefe

July 26, 2008
CKS Staff Reviews the Liquid Logic Jefe The Liquid Logic Jefe is one of the best creek boats on the market today. The outfitting (BAO) is very comfortable and the rounded bow with tons of rise is great for Colorado Creekin’ (or anywhere else). The Jefe makes a great beginner creeker as well because of… View Article

Liquid Logic CR 250

July 6, 2008
The Liquid Logic CR (Cross River) series was developed to appeal to the boater looking to own only 1 boat. Styling class IV rapids, playing at the local hole and staying comfortable all day on the river are features that the CR 250 can do with ease. The Specs: Length – 6’9″ Width – 25.75″… View Article