A new type of watersports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado.

June 28, 2011
A new type of water-sports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado. The Whitewater Tube Company was founded by three Colorado University students in 2005 as an inner tube rental and sales shop. WTC grew from being setup seasonally in a canopy tent on the front lawn of a private school, to being a full service water… View Article

Exclusive Interview with The Jackson Coosa Fishing Kayak Designer Drew Gregory

April 28, 2011
Drew Gregory Reviews The Jackson Coosa Jackson kayak just unveiled their latest creation, The Coosa. It’s intended use is kayak fishing, and also a general recreational sit on top kayak. Jackson’s known for making user friendly, high quality and reasonably priced boats. The Coosa definitely fits into all of these categories. Drew Gregory is the… View Article

Jackson Journey Review and Trip Report by Joe Keck

April 13, 2011
Jackson Journey Review by Joe Keck Ahhh, yes, spring is just around the corner and with spring comes my favorite type of kayaking – creekboating! However, most serious paddlers will agree that even in the dead of winter when creeks are not running, it is mandatory to get out and enjoy the river anyway. This… View Article

Perception Tribe Recreational Sit On Top kayak

March 1, 2010
Perception Tribe Recreational Sit On Top There’s a million and one ways to have fun on the water. Sometimes, the most enjoyable afternoons are had by relaxing about 50 feet away from the beach, hanging your legs off of the side of a boat, and soaking in the warm water. If this is the case,… View Article

The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe

February 2, 2010
The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe The Deuce is a refreshing new addition to family friendly kayaks! We needed a boat for the family that I could paddle solo and/or with the wife and 2 kids. I was amazed at the choices out there. Many claimed versatility. The Deuce at 13 feet and three seats won… View Article

Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Recreational Kayak Review

January 18, 2010
Wilderness Systems Commander 120 Review The Commander, is Wilderness Systems answer to the Native Watercraft Ultimate Series. It’s a canoe / kayak hybrid that offer plenty of versatility. Anyone ranging from the serious kayak angler, to a family looking for a do-it-all, “SUV” type boat to bring to the lake, will appreciate the features on… View Article

Liquid Logic Coupe Sit On Top Whitewater Kayak Review

December 28, 2009
The Liquid Logic Coupe SOT (Sit on Top) Kayak Review Whitewater kayaking has been kept afloat by trends. Innovation creates the evolution of the sport. The Dagger RPM was one of the first whitewater “play boats”, molded to squirt and pirouette it’s way down river. Over the course of 15 years, play boats have morphed… View Article

The Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 propel Kayak Review

May 28, 2009
Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Propel What can you say about the kayak that has the most patents in the history of the sport? First, it’s probably one of the best kayaks available for families, fishing, and just plain fun on the water. It’s also a new design, so you don’t see very many out there….yet…. View Article

Liquid Logic Remix XP10

September 11, 2008
The Liquid Logic Remix XP series (10 and 12….feet long) is new for 2009. It is a TRUE multi-purpose whitewater /recreational kayak that is much needed in the consumer industry. Liquid Logic basically took a Remix, and made it longer and wider. It also has a cargo hatch (“backcess” hatch) on the back, a skeg… View Article