The Teva Gnar

July 24, 2009
The Teva Gnar Review One of the hottest categories in paddlesports this summer has been hybrid river/touring kayaks. The Liquid Logic Remix XP series, Pyranha Fusion and Jackson All Water have pretty much sold themselves. The ability to have one kayak that does multiple things very well is an attractive option to consumers. Why not… View Article

CKS Squad Review:Nicole Mansfield Reviews The Keen Payette Water Boot

July 3, 2009
Nicole Mansfield Reviews The Keen Payette Water Boot Sometimes finding a good paddling shoe, is almost as significant as finding a good kayak. The shoe needs to fit well in a kayak, feel comfortable while wet, and most importantly perform well on slippery, wet surfaces so it can be trusted during sketchy portages, slippery scouts,… View Article

Teva Cherry Bomb Water Shoe Review

April 21, 2009
The Teva Cherry Bomb Water Shoe Review The Teva Cherry Bomb is a new river shoe for 2009. It’s not named after semi-illegal fireworks, or a John Mellencamp song. Cherry Bomb is a long, tumultuous rapid hidden within the depths of Upper Cherry Creek (California). The rapid itself is a steep, complicated drop in a… View Article

NRS River Booty Shootout

December 26, 2008
The NRS River Shoe and Sock Comparison Guide NRS manufactures a very diverse line of river shoes and socks. No matter what the application, whether it be squirt boating in 40 gallons of fiberglass, exploring a remote creek in British Colombia, or rafting the Colorado river….. NRS has the right shoe for you. NRS Attack… View Article