It’s Cold Outside, Good Thing I’m Wearing Plaid.

January 15, 2010
IR Comp LX Dry Top Review By Aaron Koch We had the coldest temps in 100 years…23 degrees at the put-in…elevation 5000 ft. I was glad to have the old IR plaid to keep me warm…Mexico ain’t for sissies no more… Pros: This top is DRY. Material is bomber..very durable and still soft..lets you move… View Article

CKS Squad Top 5 Gear Pics With Mike Tavares

November 3, 2009
Mike Tavares Top 5 Picks WaveSport Project 52 Over the past few years, many different playboats have come and gone, but few still remain that stand out among the crowd. The Project has been Wavesport’s main playboat for many years, and still has a design that has been tough to beat. Top contenders in the… View Article

The Kokatat GMER Dry Suit Review With Joe Keck

October 27, 2009
The Kokatat GMER Drysuit This drysuit, along with Werner’s Powerhouse bent shaft paddle(note: click link to check out Joe’s review), is the second piece in Joe’s gold standard gnar-running gear list. Kokatat’s GMER drysuit is so good that I feel uncomfortable on big runs when other people aren’t wearing one. If there is one piece… View Article

Level Six Hudson Jacket Shorty Splash Top Product Review

July 16, 2009
Level Six Hudson Jacket There are some pieces of gear that you can’t live without, and some that you can live without;but are really nice to have. The Level Six Hudson Jacket falls into this category. It’s a well made, waterproof/breathable shorty splash top. The nice thing about the Hudson jacket is that it’s very… View Article

CKS Squad Review:Natalie Kellum Reviews The Women’s Kokatat Meridian GMER Dry Suit

June 30, 2009
Natalie Kellum Reviews The Women’s Kokatat Meridian Dry Suit I bought the women’s Kokatat GMER Dry suit this year and it is by far the best piece of paddling gear I own. It’s super simple to use and it keeps me incredibly warm and dry every single time I use it. The Gore-Tex fabric and… View Article

Immersion Research Double D Dry Suit Review

May 28, 2009
Immersion Research Double D Dry Suit Review When you find yourself paddling in harsh climates, it is completely necessary to use a dry suit. I ordered a Double D a few months ago, and now I can’t put on a river without it. There is absolutely no comparison in comfort and warmth when it comes… View Article

Immersion Research Comp LX Drytop Review

May 20, 2009
Immersion Research Comp LX Drytop When I started kayaking, I based a much my gear selection on one determining factor…Cost. I figured that the least expensive waterproof/breathable drytop that I could find would do the trick. All waterproof materials are the same right? All drytop companies use similar materials, and they all fit the same,… View Article

Kokatat TROPOS Helix Dry Top Review

April 8, 2009
Kokatat TROPOS Helix Dry Top Review Taking styling cues from the Rogue Dry Top, the Helix offers cutting edge style, fit and features in an affordable fabric package. TROPOS waterproof breathable fabric and latex gaskets ensure a dry paddler at the takeout. All TROPOS dry tops have a 2 year limited warranty. Helix Specs: TROPOS… View Article

ExtraSport X-Pert Flex Plus Drytop Review

March 11, 2009
ExtraSport X-pert Flex Plus Drytop Review with Aaron Koch Aaron Koch (co-founder of Kayak Huasteca in Mexico) is the perfect guy to review a drytop because he is part fish. He spends around 300 days a year in various water conditions ranging from brain numbing Northern Rocky Mountain runoff, to lush, hot spring fed waterfalls… View Article

Kokatat Meridian GORE-TEX Dry Suit Review

December 18, 2008
Kokatat Meridian GMER and GMED Dry Suits Kokatat’s GORE-TEX Drysuits are the industry benchmark for dryness, breath-ability, durability, and bad-ass-ness. Decades of design and production experience has come together in the finest dry suits on the market. Kokatat was instrumental in the development of the GORE-TEX fabric and the rigorous testing program used in the… View Article