Kokatat Stand Up Paddle Collection For 2012

February 29, 2012
Kokatat NeoCore and GORE TEX Paddle Jacket Review Kokatat has a reputation for making Paddlesports gear of the highest level. Their focus has been on whitewater kayaking and sea kayaking equipment for a long time. Most of their line is  built in Arcata, CA. The warranty that backs their products, and customer service is second… View Article

2 Kick Ass Items That ONLY Sweet Protection Could Offer

February 26, 2012
The Sweet Protection Strutter and Shambala Product Reviews Sweet Protection has a reputation of delivering the finest sporting equipment in the world to their consumers.  The company was founded in 2000, and and began building ski and snowboard helmets, that gained the attention of the worlds top snow sports athletes such as Terje Håkonsen. Ever… View Article

WilsonPac Hydration System by VestPac Review

September 23, 2011
WilsonPac Hydration System by VestPac Review We just received our first WisonPac Hydration System by VestPac. As we stood in the CKS warehouse, and handed this unique piece of outdoor gear around to each staff member, we all thought of the daily occasions where the WilsonPac would come in handy. Basically, anytime that you want… View Article

The Kokatat Seeker Water Shoe Review

September 16, 2011
The Kokatat Seeker Water Shoe is a superb low volume river show for whitewater kayaking in a low volume boats, and stand up paddling.

Teva Gnarkosi Water Shoe Review

August 29, 2011
The Teva Gnarkosi Water Shoe Review Teva has a longstanding history of making shoes and sandals that are functional for both terrestrial and water use. The Gnarkosi definitely follows in this tradition. It’s a sneaker that can be used for stand up paddling, rafting, wake skating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking,etc…The defining feature is it’s “drain… View Article

What do Chattanooga and Salida kayakers have in common?

July 14, 2011
When you need the best equipment… Choose CKS. What do Chattanooga and Salida kayakers have in common? Both cities with great whitewater kayaking reputations love Haley Mills as their ambassador.                             Why?  This past month Haley Mills placed fifth in freestyle kayaking’s most… View Article

The NRS Inversion Women’s Dry Suit Review by Nicole Mansfield

June 23, 2011
Nicole Mansfield Reviews The NRS Women’s Inversion Drysuit INTRODUCTION For cold weather or even just cold water kayaking, a drysuit can significantly improve your time on the river. I never realized what I was missing until I started using the NRS Inversion Drysuit. In the past, my performance would deteriorate and I would start praying… View Article

Female tours with uber-testosterone Demshitz. Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination.

June 21, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS What’s it like for a female touring with uber-testosterone Demshitz?  Meet Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination. Pyranha reps Nicole Mansfield and Dave Fusilli worked hard saving for their annual waterfall adventure in Pucón, Chile.  Nicole had targeted the destination 70’ Middle Palguin cascade as a must run.  As their month… View Article

Tim Kelton Reviews The Five Ten Water Tennie’s

June 15, 2011
Tim Kelton Reviews The Five Ten Water Tennie’s I’ve been using Five Ten shoes for a while now. I’ve used the Five Ten Canyoneers for 4 seasons, and have done everything from twenty mile hike in runs, to gorged in mossy-wet British Columbia runs in the Canyoneer II. Because they are made for  Canyoneering the… View Article

Adrenaline Rush vs Rudy Rampage

June 13, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS. To honestly portray kayaker stories it would appear there is an edge of character that opens the individual to public scrutiny.  Meet Adrenaline Rush, Rudy Rampage, and Rush Sturges. Eleven years ago Rush was my student at a high school for kayakers, The Academy at Adventure Quest.  Then, young Rush was… View Article