Kokatat Meridian GORE-TEX Dry Suit Review

December 18, 2008
Kokatat Meridian GMER and GMED Dry Suits Kokatat’s GORE-TEX Drysuits are the industry benchmark for dryness, breath-ability, durability, and bad-ass-ness. Decades of design and production experience has come together in the finest dry suits on the market. Kokatat was instrumental in the development of the GORE-TEX fabric and the rigorous testing program used in the… View Article

Immersion Research Guide Short Review

December 11, 2008
Immersion Research(IR) Guide Shorts This is where IR started, one sewing machine making shorts in 1997. They’ve come a long way since then, but never forgot the power of an awesome pair of shorts. The Guide Short series are their most versatile shorts, offering a comfortable yet durable polyester rip stop fabric, and the options… View Article

Level Six Duke and Dutchess Dry Top Review

December 10, 2008
LEVEL SIX DUKE AND DUCHESS Drytop Review At last, a bomber fitting dry top at a reasonable price. Next to your kayak, your dry top can be your priciest investment. Less expensive alternatives always seem to be either non-breathable (so you got wet anyway) or ill fitting (like a plastic bag). Level Six’s Duke and… View Article

IR Mens Long Sleeve Competition Jacket Review

December 8, 2008
The IR Men’s Long Sleeve Competition Jacket has been a staple of the IR line since 2001, and it was the first “non-latex neck” jacket that performed well enough to be sold alongside latex neck drytops. Product beta and Specs: IR’s premier 3-season jacket. Now features ergonomic seaming for greater mobility and comfort. Made with… View Article

Kokatat Rogue GORE-TEX Dry Top Review

December 4, 2008
Kokatat’s Rogue Dry Top set a new standard in fit and style. A blend of three different GORE-TEX® laminates equals excellent breathability, superior durability and a very dry ride. Detailed Fabric Information: The Rogue blends GORE-TEX® IMMERSION® Technology, XCR® and Cordura® fabrics for optimum weight, flexibility and durability. A one-piece integrated GORE-TEX® Cordura® panel covers… View Article

Kokatat TROPOS Whirlpool Bibs Product Review

December 3, 2008
Kokatat TROPOS Whirlpool Bibs If you use a dry top most of the time and are looking for a versatile, less expensive alternative to buying a dry suit, the TROPOS Whirlpool Bib system is a great way to go. The TROPOS Whirlpool Bib has an incorporated smoothskin neoprene overskirt that mates with any of Kokatat’s… View Article

Immersion Research Union Suit Review

November 25, 2008
IR Union Suit Review The IR Union Suit is easily the most sought after piece of gear that IR makes. Even paddlers sponsored by other companies wear our union suit as a base layer, where it hides under drywear out of the eye of the camera, as to not strike the ire of their sponsors!… View Article