The 2011 Immersion Research Double D Drysuit Review

January 28, 2011
The 2011 Immersion Research Double D Drysuit Review There’s a whole bunch of waterproof breathable clothing on the market that does not necessarily need to be 100% “waterproof”. If your ski shell leaks a little bit in the seams, you will not notice it immediately. It will also not ruin your day(barring an Alaskan ski… View Article

Avoiding Surfers Ear

September 22, 2010
Nathan Klema Reviews Doc’s Pro Plugs Growing up in Colorado I started hearing about surfers ear early on. Also known as Exostosis, surfers ear is the body’s natural reaction to repeated exposure to cold water, where a bone will slowly grow over the ear canal in an attempt to protect the eardrum. With most ear… View Article

The Glacier Glove Toughtek Perfect Curve Waterproof Glove

March 3, 2010
Glacier Glove Toughtek Neoprene Perfect Curve Waterproof Glove Here’s a neoprene glove that will keep you hands warm, and last you for a while. Glacier Glove originally created the Perfect Curve neoprene glove. With curved fingers, it was a solid choice for paddlers who wanted to keep their hands warm, not have to use pogies… View Article

The Liquid Logic Speedloader Throw Bag

February 10, 2010
The Liquid Logic Speedloader Throw Bag Leave it to Woody and Shane over at Liquid Logic to come up with yet another unique item. The Speedloader is a throw bag that has an adjustable opening. It throws much like a traditional bag, but loads much easier/quicker(see video below). Simply loosen the draw cord, un-click the… View Article

SixSixOne (661) Race Elbow Pad Review With Dan Piano

November 19, 2009
SixSixOne (661) Race Elbow Pad Review Creeking with elbow pads is more fun. I look at a couple of things in an elbow pad: hard plastic shell, adjustability, & durability. Focus on your boating not your elbow pad. The Six Six One is sweet. Specs: Pros: Hard Plastic for impact Strong adjustability Well made Cons:… View Article

The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Review By Aaron Koch

November 12, 2009
Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock Review Aaron Koch owns and operates Kayak Huasteca, down in Mexico. Every once in a while he sends us a review on a piece of gear that he has been testing out. We like getting reviews from Aaron because he is an independent kayaker, and has no affiliation with any… View Article

Leif Embertson Reviews The Watershed Ocoee Bag

June 30, 2009
Leif Embertson Reviews The Watershed Ocoee Bag Holy dry bag batman, this dry bag is the shiznitt. This dry bag is probably the product that put Watershed on the map for kayakers and for good reason. The Ocoee is the perfect size storing cameras and other expensive equipment that absolutely has to stay dry and… View Article

Tim Kelton’s Top 3 Gear Picks

June 15, 2009
Tim Kelton’s Top 3 CKS Gear pics #1-Sweet Protection Rocker Full Face Helmet People look for different features in helmets, but in the end you are wearing a helmet to give you the best possible protection against head and neck injuries. The Sweet Rocker series helmets have a thermoplastic, carbon re-enforced shell and EPP liner…. View Article

Jackson Kayak Happy Seat/Thruster Combo Review

March 9, 2009
Ruth Gordon Reviews The Jackson Kayak Happy Seat and Thruster EJ turns to me in the eddy and with a smile says, ‘Ruth, would you lend your happy seat/thruster combo to my friend here?’ I don’t realize it but he’s asking me because he certainly won’t part with his and he wants to know if… View Article

3 Ways To Patch A Hole In Your Kayak

November 18, 2008
It doesn’t matter if your Tommy Hilleke on the Stikine River, or paddling with a commercial group on the Middle Fork of The Salmon, getting a hole in your boat will put you out of commission. Even if your paddle destination is not that far from civilization, I would recommend having a temporary boat patch… View Article