The Astral Linda and Ronny PFD Review

June 26, 2012
The Astral Linda and Ronny PFD Review Surprisingly, this review was an especially interesting one to research. Let’s be honest here, a recreational kayaking life jacket often times can be a bland and dull topic to write about. They typically to not have very many cool features, and often times are built with a lesser… View Article

The Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue PFD Review

May 3, 2012
The Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue PFD Review When someone mentions Kokatat, the first thing that comes to mind is the GMER dry suit and Rogue dry top. Both have a reputation for being the best outer layers on the market. The name Kokatat is synonymous with superior customer service, being a “lifetime” product (or as… View Article

The Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf PFD – Review by Colorado Kayak Supply

April 4, 2012
The Astral Buoyancy Sea Wolf  PFD The Green Jacket is considered by many to be an industry standard as far as whitewater rescue vests go. Offering comfort, great protection, loads of style and superior build quality, the GJ has become a legend. When we got wind of a new Astral PFD we were all ears…. View Article

The Astral Buoyancy Camino PFD Review

February 18, 2012
Astral Buoyancy Camino PFD Review The Camino features Astral’s breathable Airescape Technology (patent pending) which helps to regulate the paddler’s body temperature on hot days, while allowing maximum air flow through breathable garments on cold days (meaning it lets that Kokatat dry suit do its job in the cold Colorado snow melt). Airescape works in… View Article

The NRS Ninja PFD – US Freestyle Team Special Edition

September 10, 2011
The NRS Ninja PFD Northwest River Supplies (NRS) has a reputation for making really good river gear. They’ve got a very diverse selection of products ranging from 18 foot Grand Canyon slaying rafts + frames, to winter kayaking pogies and gloves. When they announced that they had a new PFD design, we were eager to… View Article

A new type of watersports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado.

June 28, 2011
A new type of water-sports shop opens in Boulder, Colorado. The Whitewater Tube Company was founded by three Colorado University students in 2005 as an inner tube rental and sales shop. WTC grew from being setup seasonally in a canopy tent on the front lawn of a private school, to being a full service water… View Article

Female tours with uber-testosterone Demshitz. Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination.

June 21, 2011
Click for Directions to CKS What’s it like for a female touring with uber-testosterone Demshitz?  Meet Nicole Mansfield and her 70’ destination. Pyranha reps Nicole Mansfield and Dave Fusilli worked hard saving for their annual waterfall adventure in Pucón, Chile.  Nicole had targeted the destination 70’ Middle Palguin cascade as a must run.  As their month… View Article

The Astral Bird Dog Canine PFD Review

February 16, 2011
The Astral Bird Dog Canine PFD Review The Bird Dog is one stylish looking PFD. It’s not too often that the CKS staff gets excited about canine personal flotation. Throw some funky colors on the sides, and give it the Astral touch, and now you’ve got peoples attention. Here is the low down on The… View Article

Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue PFD Reviewed By Evan Ross

November 17, 2009
Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue PFD Review Kokatat’s much anticipated Ronin Pro PFD has finally been released to the United States. The Ronin is an extremely well designed vest and is being introduced at a critical time. Our paddling community was in need of diversity and greater selection in rescue live vests and the Ronin is… View Article

Haley Mills’ Top 6 CKS Kayaking Essentials

October 20, 2009
After paddling for 9 years I have tested an insane amount a gear. I am finally stoked on my updated kayaking apparel that fits awesome and has plenty of style and function. Being of small stature its hard to find boats, paddles, well kayaking gear in general to fit nice and snug. My gear has… View Article